I’ve always been a puzzle game fan from back in the early days of the PC with games like Myst. Now these games seem to come out for mobile devices, which makes it even easier for me to explore during my workday. The Eyes of Ara is one such game that looks to be right up my alley and it’s making it’s way to iOs. Take a look at the trailer and learn more about it below!

The Eyes of Ara, the award-winning and brain-teasing adventure puzzler, will bring its mysteries to iOS devices. Developed by 100 Stones Interactive, a team led by a former SEGA senior environmental artist and level designer who worked on Star Wars and Spyro the Dragon, The Eyes of Ara will arrive in the App Store on July 12.
When an inexplicable radio transmission begins emanating from an old castle, a lone radio technician is sent to discover the source. Explore the intricately crafted and sometimes whimsical rooms of the enormous gothic structure, manipulate the environment to solve perplexing puzzles, and unlock new areas while searching for the source of the strange transmission.
Track down clues and hunt for hidden collectibles to reveal the forgotten history of the castle and its former residents. What became of the people who lived there? How did the signal come to be? Who is the castle trying to contact? The only way to answer these questions is to locate all the secrets and reach the signal’s source.
“My goal with The Eyes of Ara was to craft a fascinating world for the players to explore, filled with puzzles and secrets that keep them coming back for more,” said Ben Droste, Lead Developer for 100 Stones Interactive, “The Eyes of Aradraws inspiration from classic puzzle-adventure games to provide brain-teasing puzzles, fascinating locations to explore, and a fantastical mystery to solve.”
The Eyes of Ara will be releasing onto the iOS App Store on July 12 for $4.99 US, and will support French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese languages.
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