The Flash has added Kelly Frye (Rake, The Mentalist) as the DC Comics villain Plastique. In the comics the character has been portrayed with and without powers. Wih the way the pilot is shaping up, it looks like The Flash will feature more meta-humans than its predecessor, Arrow. Plastique was also a member of the Suicide Squad, so there’s a chance that we may see her join the current squad in the TV universe. Kelly Frye Plastique The Flash Two other villains have been confirmed to also appear in season one. First up we have Gorilla Grodd, the super-smart, telepath. In the Pilot, we are shown an epmty cage at STAR Labs with his name on it. So this only confirms that it wasn’t just a simple Easter Egg!Gorilla Grodd Also if you’ve been following along with news from the show, then you know that the writers will be doing a good job with The Flash’s backstory, especially regarding the death of his mother. We will be seeing the Reverse Flash making things tough for the Scarlet Speedster. The character Eddie Thawne is a mainstay this season, will he become the big bad? Reverse Flash   The Flash will air Tuesdays on The CW beginning October 7th! ~CynicNerd