Another Rogue has joined the ranks of The Flash TV show! Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) will portray Captain Cold, the leader of The Rogues!

Wentworth Miller Captain Cold

Miller is set to show up in at least one episode during the first season as a “guest star”. But I have a feeling we will be seeing more of him throughout the series. Don’t forget that Weather Wizard is the villain of the first episode, so it’s a safe bet that we will see some more Rogues show up!

Speaking of characters showing up, we of course will see Green Arrow in the Pilot of the show. But is there is a crossover event planned for the superhero shows? YES!! This of course isn’t a surprise to anyone, but has me grinning ear to ear! TV Guide spoke with Andrew Kreisberg and revealed that the eighth episode of each show will be the crossover one(s).  But we will have a character show up in Central City before that! I won’t spoil too much for you. Watch this 5 minute preview if you want to know more!

I cannot wait for The Flash to start! From everything I have seen it looks to be amazing, this may be one of the most faithful adaptions yet. Shows like this are pushing the boundaries of the medium!

Look for The Flash on The CW, Tuesdays this Fall starting October 7th at 8pmEST!!


Grant Gustin Full Flash Suit