Give me a good time looping murder mystery any day of the week. Wait, that isn’t an actual genre in video games? I think that cinematic adventures such as Edge of Tomorrow and Source Code show you that it should be. Luckily Modern Storyteller agrees with me, because their new game The Forgotten City looks to take those movie experiences and bring it home. Check out more information about this upcoming game below!

The Forgotten City, a time loop murder mystery unveiled at PC Gamer’s Press Conference at E3 2018, will transform the future in 2019. Modern Storyteller will debut a brand new demo with overhauled graphics at PAX East 2019.
Discover an underground Ancient Roman city, home to adventurers trapped in a Groundhog Day / Russian Doll-style time loop. Uncover the secrets of both the city and the people who dwell within to break the cycle in which a single sin ends everyone’s life.

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