A while back we found out that The Hangover 3 would be taking place in Tijuana, Mexico, with Alan attempting to escape a mental hospital. I don’t think we even really need to ask how he ended up in the hospital, but the ‘Dirty TJ’ locale should have an ample amount of ways to get our boys back into some shenanigans. The movie is still starring Ed Helms, Brad Cooper, and Zach Galifinakis; and being directed by Todd Philips.

Heather Graham is being brought back as the stripper with a ‘Heart of Gold’, Jade, and today we find out that veteran-actor, John Goodman, is in talks to play the antagonist in the movie.  Could he be a doctor working in the hospital? Could he play a border patrol officer who won’t let the boys back into America? No one knows right now, and this is still ‘in talks’; but I think this news could be great. John Goodman is versatile in everything that he does, and he has is own blend of comedy that I think would fit right in with the tone already set with these Hangover movies.  

We will keep you posted as The Hangover 3 approaches it’s May 24th, 2013 release date. Just remember that you read it on DFAT first!

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