So, today we get news from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire casting mill.  It seems that Hollywood has caught their Finnick Odair.  The much-speculated role is going to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Snow White and the Huntsman actor, Sam Claflin. Woo hoo! PERFECT Casting! Sorry, just in case you couldn’t tell by the typing, that was a sarcastic ‘Woo hoo.’ I don’t like this Sam Claflin guy. I HATED him in Pirates 4, and didn’t really enjoy his role in Snow White either.  I’ve read the Hunger Game Trilogy as well, and he is NOT who I would have seen playing this role.  Let’s see how Katniss describes Mr. Odair.

Finnick is 24 years old. In her description of Finnick, Katniss points out that no stylist could have created Finnick’s beauty. He is utterly gorgeous, tall and blond by genetics, and bronzed and muscular from his time spent working as a fisherman. His sea green eyes are frequently mentioned or thought of by the other characters. He walks with the confident air of someone who knows exactly how handsome he is.

Maybe because I’m hetero-sexual male, but this guy just doesn’t fit the part for me. Ladies, you can disagree with me and I’ll consider your opinions, cause I really could be wrong. I’m just thinking of all those die-hard Hunger-ites (yeah, I just made that up) who flipped out because they couldn’t read a description of Rue, when it CLEARLY said she hard dark-skinned, and how shocked they were when she turned out African-American. You know what, you people who were racist about Rue will probably love this casting choice, so whatever.

Tony Shaloub is also being courted for Beetee. I’d be ok with that, but would rather see Toby Jones; but that’s just me.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be released  November 22nd, 2013.