Odin has finally smiled upon us with news from Pixar and Disney‘s, The Incredibles. It seems that we will be getting a re-release of the original film in 3D, as well as Brad Bird‘s other opus, Ratatouille. I couldn’t be more thrilled as I love Bird and those are both my favorite Pixar movies!

In even more heavenly news, Bird is currently writing INCREDIBLES 2! It’s something that most Incredibles fans have been wishing for since the first film came out, and it looks like the story is finally write and the stars have aligned for this project to come to fruition!

Bird is fast at work on Disney’s secret movie, Tomorrowland, but his next director job will be Incredibles 2. There’s no release date slated for the film yet, and most likely it will be a few years away, but this is the best news I’ve heard in some time!

As more Incredibles 2 news comes here to DFAT, we’ll make sure to share it with all of your faithful Towelites!