This October, the Clown Prince of Crime returns to Gotham City! DC Comics writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo are pulling out all the stops in what they are promising as one of the greatest Joker stories in years! After the work that Snyder has been putting out, such as his memorable run on Detective Comics and his ultra-awesome arc ‘Night of the Owls‘, one cannot help but be excited for what’s to come! We haven’t seen this homicidal maniac since Detective Comics #1 over a year ago, and Greg Capullo is promising a brand new and terrifying look for the Joker! Here’s what Scott Snyder had to say about what lies in store for the Bat family:

“Sometimes the Joker’s used as someone who has a social purpose, who’s out to prove to the world something about the nature of humanity. That’s not our Joker — our Joker really is this terrifyingly macabre, almost demon that’s brought to life by Batman. He’s there to prove to you that these dark things in your heart exist all the time and laugh about them. He’s looking all the Bat characters in the face for the first time saying, ‘You’ve never faced me. You want to see what Batman deals with? Let me show you! This is the Joker completely unleashed and unhinged, and it’s really my love letter to the character,” Snyder says. “If I never get to write him again, this is everything I love and admire and am terrified of about the Joker in one place.”

To get everyone started here’s a basic checklist if you are interested in following all of the tie-ins. I think the most important ones are the Batman core and Batgirl, remember that the New 52 never had Barbara become Oracle after the Joker shot her, she recouped and became Batgirl again!  MAYBE even pick up Red Hood and the Outlaws, it’s always fun to see how Jason Todd is going to take his vengeance out on the Joker.

  • BATMAN #13
  • BATMAN #14
  • BATMAN #15
  • BATMAN #16
  • BATMAN #17
  • BATMAN AND ROBIN #14 (prelude)
  • BATGIRL #13 (prelude)
  • BATGIRL #14
  • BATGIRL #15
  • CATWOMAN #13 (prelude)
  • CATWOMAN #14
  • NIGHTWING #14 (prelude)
  • RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #14 (prelude)
So get ready, Batman #13 hits comic shops on October 10th! The day before NYCC starts!!
Stay tooned 😛