Last Friday I talked about one of the best (if not the best) cartoons ever, Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA).  If you missed it, check it out here.  But I mention this now cause Nickelodeon gave the fans what they wanted, and followed up that show with The Legend of Korra

From the beginning, this show is clever and unique.  ATLA is a story about a single unique human being, the Avatar, that can control all 4 elements of the world (Fire, Water, Earth, Air).  His/her spirit is reborn over and over again, destined to protect the world and its 4 nations, and keep everything in balance.


In ATLA, the story follows the reincarnated spirit of the Avatar as a young boy, who has woken up from an 100 year hibernation.  He has only mastered Air so far, and finds the nations are divided, and the Fire Nation is slowly conquering the world with hatred and violence.  Where every nation has its own users of their own element, known as Benders, the Fire nation (with its fire benders), is slowly killing the other benders off.  And so, the young Avatar and his group of friends, slowly travel the world in order to learn the rest of the elements, become a full-on Avatar, and stop the Fire nation – bringing balance to the world.

What makes Korra so amazing, is how interesting and different this show is.  Set in the same world, this story follows the next reincarnation of the Avatar; a girl named Korra.  The world has changed; the nations co-exist, the benders are everywhere, and bending has even become a sport.

And where ATLA was a story of a 12 year old boy, traveling a war ravaged land, Korra is focused on one central city, dealing with this new generations issues – Bender Racism.  Society begins to split, between the Benders and the non-benders.  Korra knows all the elements so far and needs to learn only Air (from non other than the previous Avatar’s son).


Her adventures are different, based in a society full of political struggles, hidden agendas, murder and mystery.  And after an amazing season, Korra learns air, defeats the central menace, and its left open ended with hope of the people finally uniting as one.

But the world is far from balanced, and Korra, having only just learned air, has only recently become a full-fledged avatar.  And so, with Nickelodeon having planned a total of 4 season (each shorter than the 3 seasons of ATLA), the story continues within a world that is full of in-balances.  And it seems season 2 delves on a very important part of the Avatar legend itself, and the connection of the world with the Spirit world.

Check out the trailer below, and tune in tonight, September 13, at 7pm on Nickelodeon.  Trust me, this show is well worth being on your To-Do list.  Better DVR this and enjoy the ride.


korra art