Esports films can help rave-up some motivation when you see how players overcame challenges and made their way to the top. As esports continues to attract fans from across the globe, many interesting gaming films and documentaries are being made to reveal what really happens on the other side of our monitors.

Top Films About Esports

Today, the profile of gamers has changed a lot. While it mostly used to be young boys, the average age of a gamer is now in their mid-thirties. In addition, recent studies reveal that almost half of the players are women. This wasn’t the case before, where there was a high gender imbalance. Although the strides made have been significant, there’s still more that needs to be done in regards to representation in the gaming culture.

Another major development is the increased popularity of esports. The competitions have attracted fans from all over the world, and participants stand a chance to scoop prizes in the millions thanks to massive sponsorship deals. In this post, we’ll take a look at the impact of esports films on gaming websites. We’ll also list the top gaming films every esports fan will be thrilled to watch. Let’s get right into it.

Esports Films Impact on Gaming Websites

Gaming has been around for a long time, even before esports was introduced to the world. However, since it was discovered, esports has been widely embraced by gamers around the world. Esports has a growing global audience as more people engage in video gaming than any other social media outlet like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Online gaming sites such as spielcasino online have become a top digital engagement platform all over the globe. This has seen great talent has come to online gaming sites. All gamers have to develop new sets of skills to rise in the ranks, and successful pro gamers can make up to a million dollars a year.

1. All Work All Play (2015)

The number-one game film on this list is the greatest esports film of all time. If you are looking to be an online gamer, this documentary can make you push harder and not give up on your dream. The documentary is about what is required to be a professional online gamer. It shows the struggles, challenges, and small victories as contestants battle to be the best gamers in the world.

2. Good Game: The Beginning (Oyi Oyun) (2018)

The second must-watch esports film on this list is Oyi Oyun, a favorite sports film by Netflix. The movie is about a young avid gamer who is trying to help his mother make ends meet and finds himself in an intense esports team that trains for a tournament with a life-changing price. The movie covers the struggles of online games and the battle to win the tournament.

3. The Smash Brothers (2013)

The Smash Brothers is a nine-part film about tentang esports and is arguably the most detailed description of how intense online gaming can be. The documentary film explores the Super Smash Bros community’s competitive nature in detail and features an extensive commentary by other gaming community figures. The film is one of the esports film on YouTube with a total of over 4 million views.

4. Gaming the Real World (2016)

Can video games contribute to world changes? This 73-minute enthralling esports short film shows how video games could be used to design cities in the future. In this documentary, we follow three game developers, Mojang – the creator of Minecraft, Paradox Interactive – publishers of City Skylines, and Jose Sanchez, creator of the video game Block’ hood. In the documentary, we get to understand where gaming and urban planning merge and what’s at stake when designing such a project. Ultimately, we get to see how cities will look in 20 to 100 years.

5. Against The Odds (2019)

Yet another highly rated film drama esports that everyone with an eye for gaming should watch. The film takes us through the journey of the OG team that faces many problems back in 2018 and their shot at competing for the highest price ever of US$12 million. It’s truly one of the most sensational films in esports movie theaters.

6. Beyond The Game (2008)

This Dutch documentary released in 2008 is about the world of professional gaming for the game WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne. It features Chinese gamer Xiaofeng “Sky” Li, with Dutch gamer Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen in the leading role. This is a great film that takes you deep into the Warcraft III game, and anyone into video games would enjoy it.

7. Free To Play (2014)

Free To Play is one of the greatest esports film valves in gaming history. The documentary follows three professional Defense of the Ancient (Dota) gamers in their battle for a million- dollar price in the first Dota 2 International Tournament. This kick-started a trend in esports where professional gamers compete for million-dollar prices. The film is top-rated among game documentary films in the world. It is a must-watch for all gamers worldwide.

8. Enter The Battlefield – The Gathering Pro Tour (2016)

Lastly, the Gathering Pro Tour is among the best gaming documentaries in the Nordisk film esports cinemas. This feature-length docu movie follows seven magic through a season:

Pikula, Duke, Jensen, Chapin, Turtenwald, DeTora, and Shenhar. Although the goal of everyone is to defeat their opponents, the focus is more on competing with themselves.

The Bottomline

Gaming has been documented in films even before esports made it an industry. The top- rated esports films we’ve explored here are definitely worth checking out. These films shed light on specific esports teams, reveals the struggles and triumphs of gamers, and go on to celebrate the glory of gaming and esports. Please let us know which film you loved the most. We’d like to hear all about it.

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