A few months back, I had the amazing opportunity to speak with director Ron Newcomb about Rise of the Fellowship. He was nearing the end of his convention circuit to spread the film around, and as we were talking, he mentioned his next project, The Rangers. A Fantasy film that takes place in the Kingdom of Olaranthat, and focuses on the warriors and protectors of that sacred land! As a fellow child of the 80s, I fully appreciate Newcomb’s love of Conan, Willow, Legend, and so many other amazing fantasy films!


Newcomb has assembled quite a team to get The Rangers off the ground, scouring the lands for the right people to make The Rangers a unique piece of fantasy history. Partnering up again with Scott Mathias, his co-writer on Rise of the Fellowship, and getting Skip Lipman (actor in documentary Darkon) for authentic costuming and weapons.

The Rangers is looking to raise $50,000 to get the project off the ground with stretch goals that include adding production value to the series, with an eventual Feature Film if they hit their mark. Another unique thing about The Rangers is it will be a transmedia project.

Newcomb is developing The Rangers Card Game and commissioning the Lt. Wolf miniature with an eye towards a tabletop battle game, in conjunction with the film development. With plans for novelizing the story, a graphic novel, a video game down the road, and more in the works.

Check out the pitch for The Rangers below!

Here are some photos from the pre-production on the project!

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Make sure you check out The Rangers Kickstarter and donate to the project and help true Independent work alive! We plan on talking more with Newcomb as he gets closer to his Summer filming date in the Northern Virginia area.

Want to Audition for The Rangers? http://therangers.mymiddleearth.com/audition/