Eddie Murphy hasn’t made a good movie since Norbit in my eyes. And even that wasn’t half as good as The Nutty Proffessor movies. But you put that man in a fat suit, and it’s comic genius. Last year he did Tower Heist and, though he was the only part of the movie that I liked, it was still pretty horrible. I guess that’s why he’s finding his way back to the small screen.

Murphy is now in talks, along with ‘The Shield‘ creator, Shawn Ryan, as well as Sony Pictures Television, to adapt a television version of the hit movie franchise.  Honestly, I’m ok with this. I enjoy the Beverly Hills Cop movies, and since he’s not going to be doing a 4th one, like he’s rumored at for years, why not?  Do I think it will last more than the pilot episode? No; but I would at least like to see it try.

The premise would be Axel Foley’s son being the main character, whilst Axel Sr. is now the chief of police in Detroit. They would gear it towards being a buddy-cop crime drama with comedic elements. Murphy would be able to pop into the show from time to time, and make some sort of hilarious joke, and go back to his Meet Dave head and collect a pay check.

If he gets Judge Reinhold though, we MAY have a hit on our hands. We’ll keep you posted here at DFAT if anything actually comes from this idea.

Thanks to Mercurynews for the update.