Another SDCC has come and gone. But in its wake we have a TON of great collectibles on the way over the next year. What were your favorite announcements regarding all things plastic? Let me know in the comments! Here are mine!

It’s time to open The Toy Chest!

lego sliderFirst up from my favorite toy retailer, LEGO, we got a look at one of the DC Comics sets that is due out later this year. We are finally getting a Green Lantern set and it features Sinestro! It looks like this will tie in to the upcoming LEGO Batman game that is also coming out this year! Check out the amazing set that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

LEGO Green Lantern vs Sinestro

Neca LogoWe’ve been waiting for this moment and it is finally here! At SDCC, NECA showed off their prototypes for the upcoming Ripley figures that will be based on the character from the original Alien film! Check out Ripley and Ripley in spacesuit, oh and Dallas, but we’ve seen him before. Oh and I can’t wait to get my Jonesy the cat figure! An Aliens version is coming soon, but NECA only showed off these initial figures. I can’t wait!

Ripley 02

NECA Ripley 01

Also, more adorable Scalers! Here’s a look at wave 3!

Scalers wave 3

hasbro continuum slider1Hasbro is really starting to impress me with their Marvel Legends Infinite series, especially with what they are about to unleash! Thor: God of Thunder is currently my favorite comic from Marvel and it is awesome that we are about to get THREE figures based on characters from Jason Aaron’s epic run! Thor, Odin, and KING THOR!! Wow. When I started reading the comic, I thought it would be amazing to have figures based on it, and now here we are! The only thing is that Odin is a BAF and King Thor is built using the same pieces, with a couple different ones that can be interchanged to create the character. So if you want these Asgardians you’ll have to do some hunting!

Also are you ready to put your favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on your shelf! Well get ready because the movie versions of Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Phil Coulson are about to get the plastic treatment! Agent Coulson?! Count me in!!

Oh did I mention there’s an amazing Captain Marvel and Thanos BAF on the way as well?! Oh you better start saving your money!!

Marvel Legends 03 Marvel Legends 02 Marvel Legends 04 Marvel Legends 01

Marvel Legends 07

Marvel Legends 06

Marvel Legends 05

Marvel Legends 08

DC Collectibles sliderDC Collectibles is taking back the market when it comes to their characters! No other company has the variations on the characters, new characters, everything you would want from a toy line based on all your favorite superheroes! The images below are merely a taste of what is coming out this year, so head on over to their official page for the rest of the reveals!

DC Collectibles Batman Animated 01 DC Collectibles Bombshells 01 DC Collectibles Greg Capullo 01 DC Collectibles Arkham Knight 01 DC Collectibles Wonder Woman Art of War 01

Apparently I need to win the lottery!