SDCC is right around the corner and those lucky enough to have scored a ticket, have a chance to get their hands on some of the rarest swag this side of the Milky Way! As we approach the time of the show, I will be sharing with you the many items that most of you will never see in a lifetime.


Neca Logo

NECA continues their regular release of an exclusive Predator action figure, and this years is based on the upcoming Dark Horse comic, Fire and Stone. The Ahab Predator will be limited to 5,000 pieces and will run you 30 bucks. This is well worth it and I am always jealous of the peops who get their hands on these!

NECA SDCC Ahab Predator

Also if retro-figures are more your style then you can’t miss this Super Freddy Krueger 8-inch cloth figure!

NECA Super Freddy



Hasbro Logo

With Guardians of the Galaxy hitting theaters this summer, Marvel is really looking to hype its Cosmic properties! Well this year at SDCC not only is Hasbro releasing one Marvel set, but TWO! Yes lucky collectors can get their hands on both Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe action figures!! First up we have the 5-Pack Thanos Imperative Marvel Legends set featuring Star-Lord, Black Bolt, Medusa, Gladiator, and Blastaar.

Thanos-Imperative-box-setFor those of you into the smaller scale, we have an interesting set that comes with an Infinity Gauntlet! This set comes with Thanos, Death, Nebula, and Starfox.

Hasbro-Infinity-Guantlet-SDCC-2014Price-wise the Legends set will run you 100 bucks and the MU one is $75. Not too shabby, I hope to see these on the Hasbro Toy Shop after the show!



Mattel Logo

What was supposed to the club exclusive for MattyCollector‘s Club Infinite Earths, Containment Suit Doomsday is now going to be available first at SDCC! But don’t worry collectors, this destroyer of Superman will also be available online after the event. Just in case you can’t make the journey.

Mattel DCUC Doomsday

DC Comics fans may also be interested in either the Total Heroes Cyborg or maybe the DC Multiverse Batmobile! I don’t like either of these lines as they are a clear spit in the face of any collector who invested in DCUC.

Mattel DC Multiverse Batmobile Mattel Total Justice Cyborg



Funko logo

Funko is making some huge strides in the collector market this year and they are ready to unleash an amazing amount of exclusives for SDCC for you to blow your money on! Though they are not announced yet, here is the run-down of what will be available:

  • 36 Mystery Mini Exclusives
  • 2 Legacy Collection Exclusives
  • 8 ReAction Figure Exclusives
  • 28 Pop! Exclusives including a 6” Pop! Exclusive and 6 Pop! Set Exclusives
  • 2 Vinyl Figure Exclusives
  • 3 Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure Exclusives

I love Funko!

I’m sure I will have another column dedicated to the many Geekly items being offered at the big show this year! So keep it tooned here to DFAT for all of your collecting needs!