Towelites! It’s time to open up the Toy Chest! Today we take a look at the EXCLUSIVE Star Wars collectibles that will be available at SDCC 2014!


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Gentle Giant will have two great exclusive busts available at the big show this year! First up we have a look at the original concept look for Luke Skywalker based off of the awesome artwork of Ralph McQuarrie! The mini bust measures 6.5″ x 7.25″ x 5″, and will be available for $85.00!

Gentle Giant mcquarrie luke skywalker

Next up we have X-Wing pilot Jek Porkins who is also available as a mini bust! The mini bust measures 6.80’’x 6.75’’x 5’’, and will also be available for $85.00. Both busts will be available after the show but you have to be a Premiere Guild member to preorder them on the Gentle Giant website! Luke is already sold out, but you can still get your hands on Porkins!

Gentle Giant Porkins SDCC

If busts aren’t you thing, check out this awesome vintage figure based on the old Kenner figures! The SDCC exclusive will be an AT-AT Driver and he stands at an amazing 12 inches tall! Same rules apply as the busts! So those of you lucky enough to go to SDCC this year can get your hands on him!




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Jabba the Hutt won’t be the only Star Wars Black Series 6 inch figures available at SDCC this year! There will also be a two-pack featuring figures we have already seen before on the shelves. But this is a good chance for anyone who missed them the first time around, though I don’t see how. Han Solo and Greedo will be packaged together in a set called Cantina Showdown and now YOU can decide who shot first!! You can find these at the Entertainment Earth Booth (#2342), the set will also be available after the show at Toys R Us.


SDCC 2014 Star Wars Black Han Solo Greedo Cantina Showdown

Star Wars Black SDCC Jabba the Hutt





Check out this huge JAKKS Pacific’s 31” Star Wars Shadow Storm Trooper! He will available at SDCC for $50 and is limited to 500 pieces! This special sect of Storm Troopers have made appearances in the video game The Force Unleashed and the EU book, Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor.




Diamond Select Slider USE THIS ONE

Finally our friends at Diamond Select Toys will be offering one their awesome Star Wars Collector Banks based on the Spirit of Yoda! It will be $23 and be limited to 1000 pieces, check out the official description below!

SDCC Diamond Select Yoda spirit bank

[box_light]Star Wars Spirit Yoda SDCC Exclusive Quarter Scale Vinyl Bank A Diamond Select Toys Release! Toys, exclusives… a Jedi craves these things! DST’s 7-inch Yoda bank returns in spirit form, as a translucent blue vinyl figure exclusively available at SDCC! In scale to previously released Ultimate Quarter Scale action figures and banks, this new limited edition of the original Yoda bank includes a separate cane accessory, and has a coin slot on the back as well as an access door in the base. Limited to 1000 pieces. Packaged in a clear polybag. Sculpted by Oluf Hartvigson![/box_light]


Look for these great collectibles and more available at SDCC this year! The show runs from July 24th-27th and, as usual, is SOLD OUT!! Check out the official SDCC website here!

May the Force be with you!