Hey Towelites! Welcome back to DFAT’s preview of the HOT collectibles and toys that will be exclusive to SDCC this year! You can catch up our last two articles: Part 1 & Part 2. So let’s take a look at some more great Geekly swag headed to San Diego from all of your favorite toy companies!!



hasbro continuum slider1 Hasbro will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Gi-Joe with this awesome deluxe vehicle set called Danger at the Docks. The set will EXCLUSIVELY feature the Cobra Night Raft and two characters, Flint and Vamp, painted in their vintage colors. As with their previous sets, this one will most likely be available at retail later on in the year. SDCC GiJoe




kotobukiya_slider Psylocke is one of my favorite X-Woman characters! She is super sexy and a badass especially in here classic X-Men attire. Well guess what X-Fans, this is your chance to get you hands on a one of a kind Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue featuring the female fatale!

[box_light] With an entirely new colorway based on her classic X-Men outfit and a newly sculpted psi-energy field wrapping around her am and katana this rendition of Psylocke is the latest Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue to be offered exclusively to attendees of the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. Strictly limited to 1500 pieces worldwide this version of mutant ninja assassin will only be offered once, never to be reproduced again making her a much sought-after addition to the Marvel line of Bishoujo statues. Sculpted by Busujimax (Takaboku Busujima), the classic era Psylocke Bishoujo statue reaches 8 inches high (1/7 scale) in a dynamic, strike-ready pose. Psylocke will be available exclusively during SDCC 2014 and thru a limited kotous.com non-attendee pre-order event. Pre-orders will open up at 10AM on Friday, June 27th PST at store.kotous.com. [/box_light]

But don’t think that’s all Kotobukiya has in store for collectors! Check out this amazing ARTFX+ First Appearance Batman statue based on the original Bob Kane design! If you are a collector of these fine statues then this will make a great addition to your collection!

[box_light] Created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger Batman has been thrilling readers young and old alike for 75 years. To commemorate this milestone anniversary Kotobukiya has created an extremely limited edition ARTFX+ statue of the “Bat-Man” as he first appeared in Detective Comics issue #27. Masterfully sculpted by Atelier Bamboo, Batman stands in 1/10th scale and includes a magnetic display base for effortless display options. This first appearance of Batman will be available exclusively during San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and thru a limited kotous.com non-attendee pre-order event. [/box_light]



Tamashii Nations logo

Power Rangers are still going strong after all these years, and I even know some Towelites who may be very interested in this exclusive Black Ranger figure available from Tamashii Nations!

[box_light]It’s Morphin’ Time! Tamashii Nations presents an exciting 2014 San Diego Comic Con exclusive from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series! Introducing the S.H.Figuarts Armored Black Ranger. Intricate attention to detail allows for a rare and exciting portrayal of the Armored Black Ranger! Fans of MMPR will remember Zack in the first season finale, “An Oyster Stew”, donning the Dragon Shield and making a comeback from the Oysterizer’s attack, a scene that was created exclusively for Power Rangers. Additional accessories include the Power Axe, Thunder Slinger and Blade Blaster; as well as interchangeable hand parts (4 right, 3 left). Don’t miss out on this must have exclusive![/box_light]



Gentle Giant Logo
Looks like everyone wants to get into the Retro toy game, but no one is doing it like Gentle Giant! The company has not only announced that they will be releasing a 2-foot tall Alien figure based on the original Kenner design, but they will be offering an exclusive version of the figure at SDCC that GLOWS IN THE DARK. I would love to have this but I think it would scare the crap out of me every time I came home at night. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

SDCC Gentle Giant Alien


Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you another piece of toy history with our SDCC Exclusive GLOW IN THE DARK Alien Jumbo Kenner-inspired Figure! Gentle Giant Ltd. has taken an original 18” Kenner Alien figure, rescaled it to a staggering 24 inches, and we made it glow! Limited edition size of 250 pieces worldwide.

This gargantuan new Jumbo figure possesses new features based on the original – such as the new white teeth and a 100% Glow-In-The-Dark body. No detail has been overlooked. This enormous figure even features mechanically-activated jaws, just like the original! Packed in an Alien-inspired collector box, the Alien Kenner-inspired Jumbo Figure is a must-have for toy hunters from all generations!



So what do you think? Are you jealous of the peops who get to at least have a chance of getting their hands on these awesome toys?! I am, someday my friends. Someday.

SDCC is only a couple weeks away so keep it tooned to DFAT for more exclusive toy announcements!

Next week: Funko SDCC Exclusives take center stage!!!



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