If you know anything about Casey and I, it’s that Seinfeld is one of our favorite TV shows EVER.

It’s time to open up The Toy Chest!

Coming soon from Vinyl Sugar (a Funko company) are the amazing and eccentric looking Vinyl Idolz figures based on the hit comedy. These are the perfect way to show off your obsession over that little show about nothing. You can preorder them over at Entertainment Earth now!

Check out the official release below!

Vinyl Sugar logoVinyl Sugar is pleased to share the Vinyl Idolz line for Seinfeld!

While the show itself has a reputation for being about nothing, our focus is on the characters with hustle! The bizarre natural wonder of Kramer, the scheming Newman, J. Peterman’s illustriousness, as well as the stern glare of The Soup Nazi.

These are the movers and shakers of the Seinfeld universe in their element. Puddy in his signature 8-Ball jacket? Yeah, that’s right. Frank Costanza with the Festivus pole? Serenity now!

Vinyl Idolz: Seinfeld

Available in July!