I really love the shift in paradigm in comics lately. It used to be that you strived to make it big at either DC or Marvel. With companies like Image, Boom!, and Valiant; it’s amazing to see that creator-owned comics like Jim Zub‘s Wayward are making big splashes in the marketplace. There’s also crowdsourcing a project like our friend James Patrick with Hero Hourly, and the new project The Untamed: A Sinners Prayer by Sebastian A. Jones and his company Stranger Comics.

Untamed tells the story of a mysterious Stranger who is released from Hell in order to claim the Seven Souls responsible for putting him there. I plan on having an interview with Jones and a review of the comic, but in the meantime, you should check out his Kickstarter campaign that helps fund a Hardcover edition of the graphic novel.

Rewards included in the campaign include Lithographs, amazing t-shirts, and a chance to meet the producers of the Untamed TV Show! Make sure to check out the Kickstarter and donate to see this wonderful creator-owned comic get the love it deserves. Also, Follow the Stranger Comics Twitter and LIKE the Facebook for the latest updates.