Well guys, this was it. What can I even say about last night’s episode? It was crazy and amazing. To be perfectly honest with you, I was a bit nervous about it. I thought we were going to lose someone big last night. My gut kept telling me that it was either going to be Glen or Daryl, but I kept saying, “No way, they would never do that,” but it’s The Walking Dead, no one is really safe are they? Luckily I was wrong, though there were some close calls. Let’s get on with the episode.

WD 02The Good

– The first person we see is Morgan!!! Yay! While he’s out on his own camping, just about to eat some oatmeal, one of the creepy guys from The Wolves finds him. This guy is creep-tastic. He’s talking to him like they’re old friends, but telling him that he’s going to take everything he has and kill him, well, make him into one of his “W” walkers. Morgan just sits there listening, so content, like nothing bad is going on. Another guy comes out from behind him and that’s when we find out that somewhere in the Zombie Apocalypse there’s a Jedi school, because Morgan goes crazy with a staff/walking stick! He totally kicks their butts, then puts them in the car he was sleeping in and walks away. He should have killed them, but I guess that would make next season hard since I’m guessing they’ll be a big part of the story line.

– From what I’m seeing, everything about Alexandria is true. They are good people, all they want is a safe community to survive in. Deanna is calling a meeting to talk over what happened between Rick and Pete. Everyone is a bit on edge because they’re not sure if they can trust Rick or not, considering he was waving a gun around like a crazy person. Luckily he has enough people on his side to help convince everyone that he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.

– Daryl and Aaron are tracking some guy in a red poncho, trying to see if they should bring him over to Alexandria. They end up losing him, but find a food warehouse. Daryl wants to keep looking, but Aaron thinks they’ve lost him and they should grab some food to take back to Alexandria. They go in, and as soon as they open one of the trailers a ton of Walkers come out, then all the other trailers open and they come out of them too (did anyone else notice the traps as they were walking up? I thought Daryl was smarter than that!) So now they’re surrounded and end up in this tiny little car trying to figure out what to do. Aaron finds a note that says Trap, Bad people coming, Don’t stay. Just as they are trying to figure out a plan to get the heck out of there Morgan shows up and goes all Donatello on the Walkers! They get out, and when they offer him a place in Alexandria he says he’s looking for someone. Turns out he has the map that Rick gave Abraham and he’s been searching for him. Well, isn’t this his lucky day?!

– Stupid Nicholas climbs the wall and Glen sees him. So of course he has to go and see what he’s up to, right? He can’t just sit back and let him do whatever stupid thing he’s planning to do, can he? No, he can’t. So he goes, and ends up getting shot in the shoulder! Then, they fight, and it looks like Walkers are about to eat Glen, but they obviously don’t, because they fight again! And just when Glen has Nicholas down on the ground, with a gun to his head, he doesn’t shoot. He actually helps him up and is taking him back to Alexandria. I’m hoping this teaches that dumb ass a lesson, and maybe next season he’ll be fine, but right now I still hate him and I think that Glen should have shot him in his stupid head and killed him!

– Father Gabriel is going a bit crazy now. He leaves to go for a walk, finds a walker who’s eating some fresh kill and kills it, and the guy he was eating, then breaks down in the middle of the road. I think he’s trying to make sense of everything, but he’s going about it all wrong. When he comes back to Alexandria, in a daze, Spencer asks him to shut the gate because he has to take off for the meeting. Gabriel just kind of haphazardly slides it shut, it bounces back and he just keeps walking. So yeah, we all know some kind of trouble is coming now.

– Carol threatens Pete. She tells him that she could kill him right then and no one would think that she did it out of malice, but that they would believe that he tried to hurt her. She tells him if he plays it right, he can stay alive, since they need him right now with Tara in the hospital. But that she could take him out in a heartbeat. Pete looks absolutely terrified. Who isn’t loving Carol this season? She just gets better and better. I love her little Susie Homemaker front, I think it’s absolutely perfect.

– Everyone is at the meeting, except Rick (I’ll get to him in a minute) and they’re discussing reasons why he (and they) should stay there. Carol gives her story about how many times he’s saved her, still putting on her helpless front. Maggie talks about how great he is, about Hershel a bit. But the best is Abraham. I swear, I love him so much. Everything he says is hilarious to me. Here is his direct quote to Deanna about Rick: “There is a vast ocean of shit that you people don’t know shit about. Rick knows every grain of said shit.” And that’s that. Right then they should have said, “Yep, you guys are staying!”

– Now to Rick, he knows what he did is wrong. After talking with Carol and Michonne, he knows that he needs to be cautious, but he also needs to learn how to trust again. He’s decided to finally give in to what Alexandria is, and what it could be to all of them. When he’s getting ready to go to the meeting he sees that the gate is open and goes to investigate. That’s when he notices blood and skin on the side, so he knows there’s obviously Walkers in there. He finds them, fights and kills them, luckily there’s only three. Grabs one and takes it to the meeting where he drops it down in front of everyone. That’s when we get another classic Rick speech. THIS is why we love him. THIS is why he’s the one everyone looks to. Sometimes he goes a little crazy, or tries to become a farmer and we forget, but then something like this happens and it makes us remember. Now, I don’t know the whole speech, but the part that got me was when he said, “I asked myself how many of you I would have to kill just to keep you safe.” And that was it, you could tell by the looks on everyone’s faces that he had won them over right there and our group wasn’t going to be banished. After the big speech, Pete comes running up all drunk with a sword or machete or something going all crazy. Reg goes to grab him and calm him down, but he swings and slits his throat. As Reg is bleeding out and dying, Deanna looks at Rick and says, “Do it” and he shoots Pete right in the head! Yay! No more Pete!!!! And just at that moment Daryl and Aaron walk up with Morgan.

– The last thing I want to add is that The Wolves now have Aaron’s back pack with all the pictures of Alexandria. So we know next season they’ll be on the hunt for them.

WD 01The Bad

– Sasha didn’t kill Father Gabriel when she had him on the ground. After he said all those horrible things about them, and then what he said to her about her being responsible for Bob and Tyreese, ugh! I really don’t like him at all. I wish Maggie would have let her shoot him, but I understand why they didn’t. He’s still bugging me though.

– This was our last episode for 7 months. Luckily we have the spin off show Fear The Walking Dead coming this summer. I hope it’s as good as I think it will be.


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