We’re back Towelites, and it’s raining Walkers, Hallelujah it’s raining Walkers!

What a great season premier!  So much has happened since we last visited our friends in Georgia.  The prison has become quite the little community with a farm and animals and all the new comers from Woodbury and whoever people pick up on runs.  Daryl is the prison rock star, Carol is teaching kids how to knife fight during story time, Carl has friends.  Everything seems to be all hugs and puppies, but we all know that’s not gonna last!

It seems like Rick has handed the reigns over to Daryl and stepped down as the leader.  He’s focusing more on providing food and caring for Carl and Little Ass Kicker these days and that’s a good thing.  I think all of that responsibility is what was making him crazy.  It’s nice to see him smiling.

Michonne’s been out searching for The Governor, with no luck.  It looks like she’s gonna stick around camp for a few, but she’ll be going out soon to Macon (which is about 70 miles away) to see if she can find him, and hopefully kill him. But not before she tags along on a run to the local Big Spot.  While everyone is there searching for supplies (along with a new guy, who’s name I think is Ben, but he is “That guy from The Wire” for now).  Everything seems to be going flawlessly, they have their formation down, everyone has their assignments and you think they’re gonna be in and out.  The Wire guy is looking at bottles of wine, obviously struggling with some inner demons there, and when he decides to keep his sobriety and puts the bottle back on the shelf, the whole thing falls over on top of him. Just when Daryl and Zach are about to get him out of there Walkers start falling in through the ceiling!  In what was possibly the goriest scene I’ve seen on this show, you have Walkers hanging from their guts, splattering on the ground, heads peeling off, and just all out grossness!  It was AWESOME!  As the team is starting to run out Zach gets grabbed by a Walker and is chewed to bits before our very eyes, well, almost chewed to bits and then the helicopter crashes through the ceiling right on top of him.  Poor Beth, I thought she was finally going to be able to find love, but nope.  Not this time anyways.  She handled it like a pro though, I would’ve been a wreck, but when Daryl told her she just shook it off and moved on.  Though she did kind of hold on to Daryl for a little longer than necessary.  Maybe she has a bit of a crush?

While all of this is going on, Rick goes out to the woods to see if they’ve caught anything in their traps.  He sees a boar and then some chic going over to it.  As soon as he starts talking to her all I can think of is, “This chic is crazy and nothing good is going to come from this meeting.” Boy was I right!  After her heartbreaking story about her and her new husband’s struggles, Rick agrees to follow her back to her camp and talk to Eddie about coming back to the prison with him.  While their walking and she’s telling stories, my feeling of dread is getting worse and worse.  When they finally get to her tent, she sees Eddie, who is essentially a zombie head in a bag, and tries to attack Rick so she can feed him to him!  See, CRAZY!!!!  She kills herself and though Rick has a hard time he basically just walks away and lets her die.  Sure, she’ll become a walker, but really, who cares at this point, right?  There really wasn’t any need for him to take her out, so he didn’t.  And Eddie couldn’t hurt anyone, seeing as he’s just a head, so he might as well just leave him too.

During story time for the kids, or survival time, call it what you will.  Carl’s BFF Patrick seems to be coming down with some sort of bug and asks to be excused.  Later on that night they show him all wet and sweaty walking down to the bathroom.  Or should I say dragging himself to the bathroom.  After he hacks right into their bucket of shower water and starts to hose himself off, he falls down, dies and becomes a walker!  I have a couple different ideas about this. 1) Has the virus become airborne now? Where it’s almost like the flu or something, or 2) Does it become more prominent if you get another virus.  Like, say Patrick got the flu, and he’s running a high fever.  Seeing as everyone is a carrier for the walker virus, would it make it kind of come to the surface?

Regardless of that, he’s a walker, everyone in the cell block is sleeping soundly, thinking their safe, when we now know they are not.

I can not wait to see what happens next week!  Is he going to turn a bunch of people?  What’s gonna happen when everyone finds out?  Who the hell is feeding rats to the walkers at the gates?!?!  All this and more should be revealed in one week. Here’s a preview of things to come in the next episode, Infected.

Till then Towelites, try not to get bit!