We learned an awful lot in this episode.  Not only do we now know what everyone has been through just hours after the show down with The Governor, we know that Carol was coming back to confront everyone and that baby Judith is alive!!!  I kind of figured she was, but still, yay!

Beth and Daryl are in the woods together.  Daryl almost seems like he’s given up a little bit.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still Daryl and he’ll still do whatever he needs to survive, but at one point it just looked like he was giving in.  Beth was able to spark him back to life a bit by basically forcing him to track the others from the prison.  They were able to follow the foot steps to the train tracks, where a bunch of Walkers had attacked another group.  Beth, of course, thinks it’s people from the prison and has a break down.
Can you imagine how hard it would be to be in that situation?  After having so much, and allowing yourself to care for that many people, some family, the rest you consider family, and then it’s all over?  You’re left alone in the woods and you have no way of knowing what happened to anyone else?  Ugh!  It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.
Tyreese is with Lizzie, Mika and Judith.  If you ask me, he has it the absolute worst out of everyone else.  Running from walkers with 2 kids and a baby? That is not an easy task!  Regardless, he seems to be doing a great job, and is doing what he can to keep everyone safe.  Though, it seems like he should probably be protecting everyone from Lizzie more than the walkers!  I’m pretty sure she’s a girl version of Dexter or something.  First she skins the cute little bunnies for no reason! She doesn’t even try to play it off like she’s doing it for food, she just nonchalantly reaches down and stabs them!  Poor bunnies.  Then, when Tyreese leaves her and Mika with Judith so that he can go help the other people in trouble she tries to smother Judith! And she was so enjoying herself, not even on coming walkers and Mika firing a gun could bring her out of her psycho trance.  Luckily, Carol came along and saved them.  When they found Tyreese with the people who have all been basically eaten by walkers, the guy that was still alive told them that there was a safe place at the end of the railroad tracks, so that’s where they were headed.  Hopefully it’s not a Woodbury situation, it kind of looked like it, but honestly, they can’t do that again… Can they?
Maggie, Sasha and Bob are all together.  Bob’s gunshot wound seems to be alright, Sasha seems to be recovering from having been so sick with the flu and Maggie just wants to find Glen.  She decides that she’s going, no matter what, even though Sasha tries to talk her out of it, tells her to make camp and stay safe.  Could you though?  Knowing that your significant other was out there somewhere, dead or alive.  Could you just blow it off and make camp?  I couldn’t, I would be right where Maggie is.  They find the bus, but it’s infested with walkers.  Maggie kind of zones out a bit while they’re trying to get rid of all of them, but she comes to and makes her way on to the bus to see if Glen is in there.  He’s not, and Maggie is crying/laughing.
Glen had made his way back to the prison, hoping that he could help with whatever fight was still going on, but he made it back too late.  After scavenging the prison for anything he might need, including his swat armor, he makes his way through the crowd of walkers, only to find Tara sitting in a fenced in area.  First he walks by her, ready to leave her there, but he can’t, he’s Glen.  Glen’s a good guy.  He goes to talk to her, and even though he doesn’t want her help, he needs her (which is exactly what he tells her) and she agrees to go with him to find Maggie.  Honestly, you can’t be mad at Tara for any of what happened. She only had The Governor’s word to go by. Anyhow, she’s with Glen now and just as she’s saving him from a walker attack, a Jeep pulls up with two guys and a girl.  Apparently they’re taking Glen and Tara with them to their camp.
Now, I haven’t read past the first compendium, so I have no idea what’s going to happen, but from what I understand these new characters are a big deal and people are excited that they’re here.  I didn’t get a real threatening vibe from any of them, so I think that maybe they might be good people.  Hopefully anyways.  My guess is that they’re at the camp just at the end of the train tracks, and it looks like maybe everyone is going to be making their way there soon.  I’d really like to see everyone back together, but we all know that probably won’t happen. I guess we’ll find out soon enough won’t we?
In the meantime, check out the preview for next week’s episode, ‘Claimed’.

Till then Towelites!

~The CheriMonster