This week’s episode focused solely on Beth and Daryl, and the struggles they’ve been going through just to stay alive. I’ve read a few posts on Facebook where people have said that they didn’t particularly like this episode, but I beg to differ. I feel that this episode was excellent.

In the beginning the two of them are hiding out in the trunk of a car while a herd of Walkers is coming through. I kept thinking that one of them was going to slam the trunk down and lock them in, but then I realized that Daryl probably knew how to get out of it if they did, so I really didn’t worry much about it after that.

Once they were able to get out, they collected some supplies and went out to make camp. Daryl doesn’t say a word the whole time they’re there. Beth keeps trying to get him to talk, but he’s too busy chomping on snake to answer her. He seems to be withdrawn, broken even. Like right now his only goal is to survive, and to keep Beth alive, but aside from that he’s checked out. At that point Beth decides she needs a mission, and that mission is to get drunk, with or without Daryl. But of course he goes with her, he wouldn’t let her go on her own.

They find an abandoned Country Club where there are dozens of Walkers (of course). Through the obstacles of the Country Club, Beth manages to find a nice new golf shirt and cardigan, which lasted all of 5 minutes before Daryl had to kill some Walkers and it was splattered with blood, a bottle of wine that she had to smash in a Walker’s face, and a bottle of Peach Schnapps. When she was finally face to face with the drink she had wanted so badly, she had a little break down. Finally Daryl kind of came around a bit and told her he wasn’t going to let her have Peach Schnapps as her first drink. Honestly though, wasn’t that almost everyone’s first drink? It seemed kind of perfect to me. The only thing that would have been more appropriate would be if she had found a bottle of Boone’s Farm, but they wouldn’t have that in a Country Club would they?

Daryl takes Beth to the house that he and Michonne had found a while ago, where there was a Moonshine distillery. Because THAT should be her first drink! Honestly, when she took her first sip I was not convinced that she was drinking Moonshine. She should have gasped, choked and gagged instead of just being alright about it. Regardless, Beth’s getting drunk now and convinces Daryl to do the same. They actually played “I Never,” which gave us a little bit of insight on who Daryl Dixon really is. We also found out that he’s not a very happy drunk. He starts yelling at her and throwing stuff around, drags her outside to “teach” her how to use the cross bow. When finally, FINALLY, he has a break down. Explaining to her that he feels responsible, if he had just kept his eyes open, been on alert, he could’ve done something to help, to save Hershel, to make sure that the group didn’t split up.

Later on while they’re talking, and drinking, we find out that Daryl hadn’t really been doing much of anything when the apocalypse happened. He had really just been following Merle around, we found out about his childhood, and how he really didn’t have much of one. We’re finding out that Beth is just as strong as every one else, that she is a fighter and will do anything to survive. We also learned that maybe there might be a hint of romance in the air between the two of them. At least it kind of felt like it to me. I’m not sure if it will go anywhere, but I think it might be a possibility.

In the end, Beth suggests they burn the run down house (that reminds Daryl of the house he grew up in, of his past that he can’t quite let go of) to the ground. They grab the rest of the moonshine, douse the house, set it on fire and give the big middle finger salute to it before they walk away. I think this will be a new beginning for both of them. I’m really hoping they are able to find everyone else, maybe make their way to the sanctuary that Carol, Tyreese, the girls, Rick, Carl and Michonne are going to.

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