Walking dead 02This week’s episode starts off with Bob all alone. At first I thought that something had happened to Maggie and Sasha (of course) but then they quickly showed that it was a flash back to when Glenn and Daryl found him on the road. That whole opening scene was terrifying to me, the thought of being completely alone during that whole mess, no one to talk to, no one to help you, just alone with your thoughts and some walkers. That’s an even scarier thought than the apocalypse actually happening, at least to me anyways.
From there they show us what’s been going on with Bob, Maggie and Sasha. At that point they’re in formation fighting Walkers in the fog, where they can barely see in front of their faces (yet another terrifying moment!) After they finally finish all of them off and are able to camp, Maggie takes off leaving a note in the sand explaining that she doesn’t want Sasha and Bob to risk their lives for her. Bob immediately wants to go looking for her, but Sasha doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She just wants to find a safe place and stop running. Bob convinces her that helping Maggie is the right thing to do and she, reluctantly, gives in and they go on the search.
While walking down the train tracks Maggie finally sees the signs for Terminus, and knowing that if Glenn sees them he’ll end up there too, so she starts marking her way along the tracks, finger painting in Walker blood leaving him messages so he’ll know where to go. Which also means that Bob and Sasha will find her too.
While Bob and Sasha are looking out for Maggie, Sasha sees a tall building that looks deserted and tries to get Bob to abandon his search for Maggie, explaining that she didn’t want them there anyways, and to take up shelter there. He tries to explain to her that it’s not about that, it’s about not being alone, about being with the only friends/family he has anymore. He can’t let her be out there on her own. Sasha explains that she can’t go on like that, and decides to stay there and try to survive on her own. In a weird moment, Bob kisses her. I’m not sure if it was just for the sake of kissing someone, or if he was trying to get her to go with him, I’m not sure if he even likes her like that (or vice versa) but it happened, and neither of them changed their mind. Bob goes back to walking along the tracks, and Sasha goes up into this huge loft and kind of breaks down a bit. Looking out the window, she sees Maggie laying among a group of Walkers, drops the window from the top floor and wakes them all up. They fight, kill all the Walkers with a huge stake and a sign and go to find Bob.

Walking dead 01Meanwhile, Daryl gives Beth a serious piggy back ride to a funeral home. This place is really well kept, no dust anywhere, everything looks pristine. There are actually bodies in the coffins and in the basement where someone has taken the time and care to prepare them for their funerals. They’ve put make up on them and dressed them up. I’m not sure if it’s just morbid or if it’s beautiful like Beth said. The idea of having dead bodies just laying around and stinking up the place just sounds kind of gross to me. They can’t really embalm them or anything, so you know it’s not sanitary. Regardless, they’re there and that’s that. What’s also there is a huge supply of peanut butter, jelly, diet coke and pigs feet. It’s a feast!!! They decide to stay on there for a while and wait for the owners to come back, setting up traps in the front so they can hear if anyone is approaching and for the first time it seems, they’re actually able to relax. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I actually like the idea of Daryl and Beth being together. There’s been some flirting, kind of, but it’s all innocent at this point. I’m not sure if it will lead to anything or not. But I think the two of them together bring out good things in each other. Beth is getting stronger, becoming more of a survivor and Daryl is starting to see the good in things. Who knows what will happen.
Walking dead 03While they’re sitting and talking they hear one of their traps being set off, Daryl goes to see what’s at the door and it’s just a one eyed dog. He tries to get him in the house, but he takes off. Not too long later they hear the traps again, thinking it’s the dog, Daryl opens the door to a horde of Walkers. He tells Beth to take off while he runs to the basement. He’s able to take out most of them, even though he had some tough calls there, and is able to get out of the house. He’s running, looking for Beth when he sees a car take off (with a cross on the back) and Beth’s back pack on the ground. So now she’s been kidnapped, and even though he’s trying to catch up with the car he can’t. He’s walking along trying to track it somehow, but ends up giving up and sitting in the middle of the road. Just when he’s at his lowest point, that wonderful rag tag group of misfits that terrorized Rick found him. Joe, the leader, kind of goads him on a bit, Daryl punches him, he laughs, and tries to get Daryl to stick with them. He agrees to go with them, but I’m hoping it’s only to see if they might know where Beth might be. I can’t see him joining up with them, Daryl’s too good of a guy to be a part of that. I wonder who has her, maybe it was that gang? Obviously it has something to do with the funeral home. I just hope he’s able to find her soon before something bad happens.

Walking dead 04At the very end of the episode we see Glenn find a sign for Terminus, and just as we all knew, he has the hopeful look on his face, so we know now that he’ll be going there to find Maggie and whoever else he can.
Next week’s episode looks like it’s focusing mostly on Tyreese, Carol and the girls. I’m so curious to see what’s going on with crazy Lizzie!
Til next week Towelites!

“The Grove”