This week’s episode was probably the most shocking episode I have seen to date, it even tops Lori’s death!  I honestly don’t even know what to say about it, so I guess we’ll start from the beginning.

Carol, Tyreese and the girls find a perfect house on a pecan farm, there’s a well with fresh water, the gas stove works, it’s comfortable and there’s plenty of room.  It seems like everything could be great for them there.  The girls are happy, Carol and Tyreese are happy, there’s food and deer walking around that they can hunt, what could go wrong, right?

Carol is still insistent on drilling into the girls what they need to do to survive in this world.  Mika gets it, but is too good to kill anything or anyone living.  She couldn’t even kill the deer they find while walking so that they can have something more than pecans to eat.  She’s sweet, and like Carol says, doesn’t have a mean bone in her body (which is exactly how she describes Sophia.)

Lizzie on the other hand doesn’t seem to have a problem with anything, other than killing Walkers of course.  She’s finally come to her breaking point, she has a hard time accepting the fact that Walkers are no longer people, that they will hurt you and kill you. She thinks that they’re just different.  We find out that it was her that was feeding the rats to them, which was obvious, I knew it was from the beginning.

When Carol looks out the window and sees her basically playing tag with a Walker, she runs out to save her.  Lizzie has a complete breakdown, not understanding why Carol had to kill her friend, they were just playing. After Carol put the Walker down, Mika comforts Lizzie, and helps her to calm down by telling her to look at the flowers, which is what their mom used to do to help calm her down. At this point I knew that something bad was going to happen, but I honestly did not see what was coming next. Though I should have, the sun was shining and everyone was happy and comfortable, that’s the Walking Dead’s tell tale sign that something is coming.

While Tyreese and Carol are walking around the grove, looking for deer, talking about how they can stay there, make a life, they have everything they need and more there, they didn’t know that something terrible was happening back at the house.  As they walk up, Lizzie is standing there with a knife, covered in blood, while Mika’s body is on the ground next to her and Judith is just playing on a blanket.  Carol runs up to finish Mika off when Lizzie pulls a gun on her and says, “Don’t touch her, she’s gonna come back, I didn’t hurt her brain!” Carol tries to calmly talk to her, to make her feel like everything is okay, and finally gets her to hand over the gun.  She explained that she was about to kill Judith too, but Carol quickly makes her realize that’s a bad idea since Judith can’t even walk yet (good thinking Carol!)  She convinces her to go with Tyreese and Judith back to the house so that she can tie Mika up and get her ready for when she comes back.  As soon as their out of eyesight Carol breaks down.  How terrible would that be? It’s like Sophia all over again.  She has to put her down so she doesn’t come back, but can you imagine how hard that would be.  Mika was the sweetest little girl, Carol had basically adopted her, and now she’s gone because of her psychopathic sister thinks Walkers are people too and didn’t even realize what she did to Mika.

When Carol and Tyreese are talking about what they need to do with Lizzie at first I thought that Carol was going to go away with her, try to help her and teach her what’s right and wrong.  But could you do that? Wouldn’t you be terrified to sleep at night, knowing that she could decide at any minute that she would rather have you there as a Walker?  Carol finally says, “She can’t be around other people” and starts crying. That’s when I realized what was about to happen.  Carol takes Lizzie for a walk to look for flowers for Mika.  Lizzie’s crying, thinking that Carol is upset with her for pulling a gun on her. She never even mentions killing Mika, she’s not upset about it at all because to her, she didn’t kill her, she’ll come back and be just fine.  Carol tells her to “look at the flowers” and while Lizzie’s standing there crying and looking at flowers, Carol shoots her.

Now, here’s my question for you Towelites.  Would you have done the same thing? Could you have done it?  I know that she’s just a kid, but like Carol said, she couldn’t be around other people. There was something terribly messed up in Lizzie’s head and it’s not like there’s psychiatrists or drugs around that would balance her out and make her think right.  As horrible as it is, I think that Carol did the right thing. It’s heart breaking, but I think it needed to be done.

After they buried the girls, Tyreese and Carol are talking about what to do next. They’ve decided to go on to Terminus, since they don’t feel like they can stay at the house anymore. That’s when Carol decides it’s time to confess to Tyreese that she killed Karen and David.  As she’s telling him she passes her gun to him, ready for any judgement he might have, ready to die if he feels like that’s what she deserves.  He struggles for a minute with his hand on the gun, but ultimately decides to forgive her for it, of course. It’s Tyreese, he’s one of the good guys. Though if she had told him at any other time I think he might have seriously considered shooting her or hurting her, but at this point, I think he loves and trusts Carol, and after seeing what she had to do with Lizzie he finally understood why she had to kill Karen and David.

I just have to say again, this is the most shocking thing I’ve seen on television in my life, and I have to commend The Walking Dead on taking the show to another level.  I don’t think there’s many people that would be willing to do what they just did.

Next week it looks like we’re getting closer to Terminus. They don’t show much in the scenes, but we know we’ll get to see at least Glenn and Daryl.  With only two episodes left I really wish they would get the group back together already! Also, what the heck is going on with Rick, Carl and Michonne? I feel like it’s been ages since we’ve seen them.

Til next week Towelites. Try not to get bit and remember, if you’re feeling a little crazy, just look at the flowers and this preview for next week’s episode ‘Us.’