First of all I have to say, “YAY!!”  Glenn found Maggie, or did Maggie find Glenn? Whichever it might be, they found each other and it made me ridiculously happy.  I’m so glad that through all the gloom, especially after last week’s episode, that there was a moment of happiness for us fans. We all know it won’t last long, but at least we have it for now.

Now, onto the recap.  Glenn is hellbent on his mission to find Maggie.  Abraham, Eugene, Rosita and Tara are all with him, up to a point. Well, Tara’s with him 100%, but the understanding is that as soon as the other three find a car they are on their way to Washington. I have to say that I really am loving Abraham and Eugene. They bring this lightheartedness to the show and a bit of humor. It’s a nice change of pace.  Rosita, well, I really don’t know her, but I don’t dislike her at all. Obviously Tara and Eugene like her! Haha. Anyhow, back to the show. While walking down the tracks Glenn sees his first sign from Maggie, which sparks a new kind of hope in him. In everyone actually.  It seems like all this time they were just going through the motions and almost placating him by going along with it, while actually thinking she was long gone. Once they saw the sign though, it sparked a bit of hope into everyone. They make it as far as a train tunnel when finally Abraham and Glenn agree that it’s time to part ways. Glenn doesn’t want to take the safe route, which will take him almost a day out of his way, he wants to go straight through the tunnel to find Maggie sooner.
The last sign they had found was still wet, so he knew she was close. Not wanting to endanger Eugene (or himself and Rosita) Abraham decides that they’re going on their own way to look for transportation.  He gives Glenn and Tara a flashlight and some food and they part ways. The tunnel is dark and scary and all you can hear is moaning from Walkers. At first it’s fine, but then they come to where the ceiling of the tunnel has collapsed on top of a bunch of Walkers. Glenn decides to keep going, trying to push his way through, killing as many as he can (after checking to make sure none of them were Maggie) and as they’re going around all the rocks and rubble, Tara’s leg gets stuck and she can’t get out. Glenn, being the totally awesome guy that he is, refuses to give up trying to get her out of there and is just about to start killing off all the zombies he can, when a bunch of machine guns start going off getting rid of all the Walkers. When he looks to see who it was he realizes it was Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita!
The other story line going on is Daryl with his group of insane scary guys. It doesn’t seem like he’s fitting in with them all that well, or that he even wants to. I think right now he’s with them out of convenience. He knows he can’t survive completely on his own, though honestly, I think I’d rather risk it than to be with them. Their rules are different, they’re outlaws and they take whatever they want, whenever they want, and it doesn’t matter as long as you say “claimed” while you’re doing it. After having a run in with one of the guys over a rabbit they both shot, Daryl is starting to realize the kind of people he’s really with. After that same guy tries to frame him by putting his half of the rabbit in Daryl’s bag, Joe has him beaten and killed for lying.
Once they’re back on the tracks walking they see the sign for Terminus too, and it seems to be that that’s where they’re headed. Only their reason isn’t for sanctuary, their reason is to find Rick and teach him a lesson!
Speaking of Rick, we did get to see him, Michonne and Carl for a minute. Nothing real exciting to report with them, though it looks like they’re close to Terminus so they should be joining Glenn and everyone soon.
Now, back to Glenn and Maggie and everyone else. They do finally reach Terminus. And it does look like a sanctuary, all gardens and pretty and quiet. It seems like the perfect place. But if this show has taught us anything it’s that nothing is as it seems. As soon as we were introduced to Mary I felt like something was wrong. With only one episode left I guess we’ll be finding most of it out next Sunday.
Till then Towelites, here’s  a preview for the Season Finale ‘A’

~The Cherimonster