What a nail-biting, intense season finale! Though, I do have to say that it didn’t feel like a finale, I still have so many questions. Like, for instance, where is Carol, Tyreese and Judith? And, what the heck happened to Beth? Are they ever going to find her? They barely even mentioned her, Daryl just said she’s gone, he didn’t even explain to Rick that she was kidnapped! I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out about all of that.

Walking Dead A 05Now, on to the show.
While Rick, Michonne and Carl are slowly making their way to Terminus, they stop on the road for a bit of a rest, but of course that isn’t going to come easy for them. While Carl’s sleeping and Rick and Michonne are chatting it up by a small fire Joe shows up with his gang and puts a gun right to Rick’s head. One of the guys is holding up Michonne while another one is by the car that Carl’s sleeping in. I want to know though, how did they know it was Rick that killed their friend? I didn’t think they ever saw him.
Anyhow, they’re being all scary and Daryl comes up to tell them that they’re good people and wouldn’t have hurt anyone. So, the rest of the guys start beating on Daryl, while Rick and Michonne still have guns on them and Carl’s being held at knife point. At this moment I thought they were all doomed, I didn’t know how they were going to get out of it, until Rick and Joe were fighting, Joe grabs Rick in a bear hug and Rick bites his throat out! See everyone, we can all learn a little something from the Walkers. When left without a weapon, just bite a chunk out of someone, that will get them to leave you alone. After he kills Joe, they go after the rest of the gang and take them all out! Now the bad guys are gone and Daryl’s back with Rick, who seems a bit in shock, but accepting of what happened all the same.
Walking Dead A 04Through all of this Rick is having flash backs of when he started farming at the prison. We got to see a bit of Hershel again, which was nice, I miss him. Basically, what I got out of the flashbacks was that you can shoot Walkers and people all day long, but only being able to do that won’t keep you alive. Learning how to farm, teaching Carl how to farm, meant that no matter where they were they could survive.
Walking Dead A 02So now they are all on their way to Terminus. They decide to cut through the woods and go through the back way to be on the safe side. While they’re checking it out Carl and Michonne are talking, and she explains to him exactly what happened to Andre, and why she made Mike and Terry her pets. She explained that he doesn’t have to be afraid of her or of Rick for the things that they’ve had to do to survive, and he admits to her that he’s not, he’s afraid of himself because he feels like he’s a monster. That poor kid, could you imagine having to grow up in a time like that? It would make anyone a monster, not that Carl is, but you know what I mean.
Walking Dead A 03They finally decide to hop the fence to Terminus and go in through the back way. They go into a warehouse where some lady is recording a “All who arrive, Survive” message along with a bunch of people making maps and a greeted in an overly helpful way. The guy that takes charge just seems so sketchy to me. He introduces himself, inspects their weapons, then gives them back. Then gets another guy to take them out to the front where Mary is cooking.  That’s when Rick sees the poncho, riot gear and notices that his tour guide is wearing Hershel’s watch. He instantly pulls a gun on him demanding to know where they got everything from, and of course I’m freaking out thinking that everyone else is dead. A shoot out starts, there’s snipers everywhere, people are surrounding them with guns, yet no one is even attempting to kill anyone else. It’s like they’re herding them through the compound. They run past a place where you could see piles of human bones, which leads me to believe that they are cannibals (gross!), then they go through what appears to be a memorial room where a vigil is held, and through they go back to the outside and are stopped in their tracks then surrounded. The guy in charge, I think his name is Garret?, gets them to line up in order, The Ring Leader, The Archer, The Samurai and The Boy. They force them to get on to an old train car and lock them in. Scared and weaponless, it seems like there’s no hope for our friends. But then you hear a noise, and see that Glenn, Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Tara, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are all there! Yay! They’re alive! They all look scared, and after all of the introductions, Rick looks at them and says, “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” and that was that. End of the show.
Walking Dead A 01I personally thought it was a great episode. I know a lot of people were disappointed in it thinking that they would get more answers, but if they clear everything up now then what will they have for next season? I’m pretty sure that Terminus is worse than Woodbury, but I guess we’ll have to wait until October to find anything else out. I’m definitely sad it’s over though and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.
~The CheriMonster