Oh man Towelites, we’re only on episode 2 and it’s already starting to get crazy and stressful! Now we have to worry about some flu virus taking everyone down and making them walkers! We’ve lost a lot of people so far, and it doesn’t seem to be looking up anytime soon. Good thing it’s a bunch of people from Woodbury and stuff that we didn’t know so that we don’t have to lose someone near and dear to us, but I have a feeling that’s not gonna last too long and someone we love might end up turning. I’m actually scared for Judith. Let’s hope that she’s just being a fussy baby or teething and not coming down with the Walker Flu.

Speaking of Judith, what do you think was going on with Michonne when she was holding her? The debate in my house is as follows: I think she’s just worried about her, upset about the fact that an innocent baby might fall victim to this horrible disease and have to be put down. She’s worried about what it’s going to do to Rick, Carl and the whole team. Can you imagine what that would do to everyone? Losing a baby that everyone of them have come to love and have helped take care of? My husband on the other hand seems to think that there’s some back story about Michonne possibly losing a baby in the past. Either before, or after the outbreak. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what, if anything, was up with that.

Let’s talk about Lizzie and Mika for a minute here. Lizzie has some major issues I think. It seems to me that she has become way to attached, possibly in love with, Nick the Walker by the fence. I think she’s the one that’s been feeding him the rats, which has of course made the walkers absolutely crazy. They’re like animals people, you can’t feed them! They just keep coming and coming! Now the fence is about to break down and everyone is out there trying to figure out how to keep them back. That’s the moment we got Rick back, and hooray for that! Farmer Rick was just too safe for me, and you can’t be safe in this world anymore. He made a decision to get Daryl, the piggies and the truck to try to lure the Walkers away from the fence so everyone else could try to reinforce it. By the way, did anyone else cry when he was throwing the cute little piglets out to their horrible deaths or was it just me? There was more than one reason for me to be upset through this entire episode, but what makes me break down are the cute, defenseless piggies being eaten by the stupid Walkers. I’m such a baby. They really did have to go, especially since they could’ve been the reason for the virus. I’m wondering if they can even eat the produce now or will that all have to go too?

Tyreese has found his love Karen, the two of them are spending a lot of time together. And with the way the episode started I knew immediately that she was a goner. You can’t have people that happy and comfortable together, you knew right away that something bad was going to happen to one of them. Once everyone in cell block D had been taken care of and they were starting to get people separated for observation, Karen starts coughing. They decide to put her in one of the secluded cells just to make sure she’s okay, keep an eye on her and see if they can treat the virus at all. Tyreese goes to take her flowers and just sees trails of blood. He runs outside only to find her and some other guy’s body burnt to a crisp. Any thoughts on who might have done this? I don’t know why, but something tells me it might be one of the kids.

So basically to sum it up, Carol has acquired two daughters, who hopefully she will help become strong, no nonsense kick ass girls. Rick and Carl have their guns back and Rick is hopefully back to joining what I can only think of as “the counsel” and possibly get his position as leader back. The pigs are gone and we now know that having a farm is not a good idea. Walkers are about to break down the barriers, and it just seems like there are so many more this season. Tyreese has lost his love and is having a really hard time living like this, losing people and having to kill people himself, and there is some crazy Walker Flu spreading through the prison that will probably take out some more people pretty soon.

Next week looks like it’s not letting up, and we’ll all be on the edge of our seats for that one too. In the scene they showed on Talking Dead there were walkers EVERYWHERE, as far as the eye could see surrounding Daryl’s car. Greg Nicotero said that they had 7,500 extras for that part! 7,500 Walkers!!!! I can’t wait!

Check out the preview for next week’s esisode, Isolation