Well that was intense!  This week’s episode of The Walking Dead had more Walkers than I think I’ve ever seen on the show. 

You have everything going on in Cell Block A.  Everyone getting sicker by the second, knowing they’re going to turn and Hershel doing everything he can, with the help of Sasha and Glen, to help keep them well and comfortable.  Unfortunately, he can’t save everyone, not even Doctor Caleb.  Quite a few people take a turn for the worst, and of course while Hershel has his back turned trying to help Sasha, they start turning and attacking.  He’s doing everything he can to clear them out, and trying so hard to do it away from everyone else.  He doesn’t want anyone to see this, especially since they’re all in there with the same illness, so he’s trying to get them somewhere isolated to do the final deed.  It gets to be too much though, and he can’t hide them anymore.  He’s surrounded by Walkers, trying to fight them off, Sasha is dehydrated and weak so she can’t help, and Glen is in the cell choking on his own blood!  Luckily, Maggie heard the gun shots and took off running to help him.  She’s locked out, broke an axe trying to break down the door and ultimately ends up shooting the glass out of one of the windows in order to get in.  In true Maggie fashion, she comes in and kicks ass!  While Hershel is wrestling with the walker who has the breathing apparatus still attached to him, which he now needs to save Glen, Maggie manages to shoot the Walker and save the breathing thing so that they can rush it to him.  And don’t worry Towelites, he did NOT use the same tube as the other guy had, I distinctly saw him open a bag and attach a new one to the breathing pump.

While all of this is going on, Rick and Carl are being completely overrun by the fence Walkers.  There’s hundreds of them! Was anyone else proud of Rick for actually going to ask Carl for help?  And man, did he help!  This is not the first time Carl has saved Rick from being attacked, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  That boy is a bad ass!  In a nice father/son moment, Rick quickly teaches Carl all he needs to know about using a machine gun.  And no, I have no idea what kind of a gun it really was, but it shot fast and it was big, so to me it was a machine gun.  Luckily he was a quick study and was able to take out most of the Walkers himself.  The two of them make a great team.  They were able to clear out all of them without incident.  Now the only problem is that they are left unprotected.  More than one fence is down, anyone can come by and get in.  And we all saw who was there at the end!  Hello Governor!  He’s back, with a vengeance!  I still think that the over population of Walkers has something to do with him, like he’s been baiting them to overrun the place and take down the fences.  That way he can get in and do whatever evil plans he has.

Just when Rick and Carl were done killing everyone off, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob come back with the meds.  We find out that Glen is now breathing on his own, so hopefully he and everyone else in quarantine are going to get better soon. Rick still hasn’t told Daryl about Carol, and I can’t wait to see what happens when he does.  Daryl is NOT going to be happy about that, not one bit.  Though Tyreese will be I’m sure.  I wonder who will take off to find her first, Tyreese or Daryl? Honestly, I think that Daryl will.  My theory is that he’ll take off to find her just before The Governor makes his presence known. 

I sincerely can’t wait for next week!  If you think it’s been crazy and intense so far this season, it’s only going to get crazier and more intense from here on out!  This show is so amazing! Check out the return of the Governor in this preview for next week’s episode, “Live Bait”