Live Bait

He’s back!  And with absolutely no vengeance at all… yet anyways.  This week we got a glimpse in the life of The Governor after the whole show down with the prison.  What he’s gone through since he ran, who he’s become, the relationships he’s developed.  What did you guys think of it?  Personally, I really liked it.  Though I don’t like that they’re trying to make me like him, and feel sorry for him.  He’s pure evil, we’re supposed to hate him to the bone! They can’t make him good now!  And what’s going to happen?  Is he gonna join forces with the prison?  No, I can’t believe I just had that thought!  There’s no possible way that’s gonna happen, if for no other reason than the fact that Michonne would kill him on sight.

So yeah, here we have the lonely Governor.  He lost Martinez and the other dude, they just up and left him because he was basically worthless to them.  Just sitting there all catatonic, no emotion, not talking, almost letting Walkers eat him. Once they left he basically was just walking, for a really long time, and barely surviving.  It seemed like he was a Walker himself.  Any effort he made to move almost just seemed like reflex.  Until he finds himself down on the ground in front of an apartment building and sees a little girl in the window.  That’s when he starts to make a little bit of a comeback. 

Let me back track a little here.  This story was actually taken from the book The Rise of the Governor, and I am so happy that they brought this to the show.  Even though in the book itself, he meets the family before he becomes The Governor, and the little girl in the book was actually Penny, but still, this family is a big deal in his life and they did the story total justice on the show.

Okay, back to the episode.  The Governor meets Tara, Lily, Megan and their dad, whose name they don’t mention on the show.  These people have not even been out of their apartment building since the whole outbreak.  They don’t even know how to properly kill a Walker, but they’ve managed to survive on canned food and slim jims.  The dad has cancer, and is living off of oxygen, that they are quickly running out of.  The Governor goes and gets some tanks from the old folks home down the street for them, and you can tell just then how different he is from the man we have all come to know and fear.  He doesn’t even fight the Walkers, he just throws a cart of oxygen tanks at them and runs with what he can carry. From that point on he’s “in” with the family.  You can see the relationship he’s forming with the daughter Megan, he even makes a joke about being a pirate and actually laughs!  The Governor laughs, and it’s genuine!  What is going on?

Finally, the dad dies and The Governor is the only one who knows that he’s going to come back, regardless of not being bitten.  When he does, and grabs on to Lily to attack her, he grabs the closest thing to him, an oxygen tank, and bashes his head in.  Right in front of Megan, and completely traumatizes her. Once everyone has a chance to realize what actually happened though, they understood and thanked him for it.

While in his apartment he decides to burn the photo of his family, showing that he’s letting go of the past and moving on with his future. You can tell that he has feelings for Tara (obviously since they hooked up in the back of the delivery truck while everyone was sleeping!) and he’s starting to “replace” Penny with Megan.  Not that I feel that Penny will ever be replaced, but I think that Megan is starting to help restore his humanity, and his hope.  You can tell he loves her like she were his own.

When he’s leaving he agrees to take them with him out on the road, promises to protect them and help them.  When the truck breaks down and they have to walk they find a gaggle of Walkers (I don’t know what to call a group of them, gaggle was the only thing that seemed to fit there) Megan is frozen, eventually she runs right into The Governor’s arms and he’s carrying he through the woods.  They run right into a pit, just like the one he had dug to trap The Walkers near Woodbury.  He brutally kills three walkers bare handed to save Megan’s life, when Martinez is there with a gun looking down on them.  He promises to protect Megan, no matter what, and that’s the end of the episode. 

Clearly The Governor has changed, for now anyways.  The question is will he remain a changed man?  Will he lose ALL humanity if something happens to anyone in his group, especially Megan?  What’s going to happen with Martinez?  Will he reveal all of The Governor’s secrets to Tara and Lily?

All in all, another great episode.  This show really does not disappoint does it?  Next week we’ll find out what happens between him and Martinez, and hopefully find out how he came to the prison and see something with our beloved group. I hope Glen is feeling better now!

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