What a mid-season finale!  So much craziness happened in this episode! 

Everyone is separated, Maggie’s now with Tyreese, Sasha, Beth and Bob (I think) even though Bob’s been shot, Rick and Carl are together, I have no idea where Michonne or Daryl are, Glen’s on a bus headed somewhere, the prison is in ruins, The Governor is dead (yay!), Meghan is dead, almost all of The Governor’s army is dead, Judith is possibly dead (we didn’t see a body, just a bloody car seat) and the saddest of all, Hershel is dead.  All because The Governor is a mean, vindictive jerk who wants revenge.

I still can’t believe that they killed off Hershel, and so brutally!  We all knew someone we loved was going to go, and he was actually on my list of characters that might be gone after this episode.  I also had my money on either Glen or Tyreese, but they’ve made it out alive, thankfully.   What can we say about Hershel?  He was everyone’s dad, confidant, always had a kind word and he was wise. Of course he struggled with everything at first, but he became such an integral part of the group.  He had been through so much, lost a leg, kept as many people alive through the plague as he could and never even thought twice about it.  He was such a wonderful person and he will be truly missed.

And poor Meghan!  She seemed like a sweet little girl.  She was finally starting to warm up and feel safe thanks to having the stupid Governor around.  While she was just playing in the dirt like any little kid should, she finds the flash flood zone sign and gets attacked by a Walker that was buried. Lily had no time to get to her before he took a chunk out of her shoulder.  That poor girl never stood a chance.  And when Lily took her to The Governor, and got to witness him hacking Hershel’s head off, he just took her, shot her in the head and dropped her like she didn’t even matter. 

I’m glad that we got to see three different people take out The Governor.  Rick attacked him first, and when the tables were turned on him and The Governor was about to choke his dying breath out of him, Michonne comes in and stabs him right through the chest with her katana.  They just left him lying on the ground to die or to be eaten, whatever, I guess it didn’t matter at that point since there was really no hope left for him.  When Lily comes along and finds him and shoots him in the head, just like he did to Meghan.

When Rick finds Carl (after Carl saves him from Walkers again!) they go looking for Judith and all they find is an empty bloody car seat, and an extremely full looking Walker not too far from it.  We don’t see a body though, so who knows, maybe someone (probably Beth) realized that carrying the car seat around was just too much and grabbed the baby and ran.  Let’s just pretend that’s what happened because I don’t like the thought of zombies eating babies.

Now everyone is separated.  I have no idea how they’re going to find each other or even if they will find each other at all.  I’m wondering if next season someone will find Carol, because she can’t be gone for real, right?  Oh, and I wonder what will happen when Tyreese finally finds out that she killed Karen.  AND, what was up with the dissected rat?  Are we ever going to find out who was doing that?  I still think it was one of the kids, but who knows.

Speaking of the kids, it looks like Carol’s training came in handy huh?  Lizzie saved Tyreese from Alisha and some other guy.  Shot her right in the head! 

All in all I thought this was a great episode!  This whole season has been amazing.  I can’t wait to see what happens in February, where everyone ended up and if they’re all able to find each other again.

Till then Towelites!  I guess we’re all going to have to ask Santa for the books if we don’t already have them just to keep us going for the next few months.  RIP Hershel and Happy Holidays everyone!