What an amazing mid-season premier!  We got to see what has been happening with Rick, Carl and Michonne since they lost the prison, and it hasn’t been that great.

Rick and Carl have been navigating their way through a neighborhood, scavenging for food and taking shelter in abandoned houses. Rick is beat up pretty bad, broken ribs, bruised and bloody body and he can barely breathe.  Carl is being your typical terrible teenager, blaming Rick for everything that went wrong, swearing, talking back, and basically letting him know that he doesn’t need him, he can survive on his own. Which, we found out, he can (kind of), but he still needs Rick, Carl still has a lot of growing up to do. While Rick was passed out on the couch, by the way, how many of you thought he was dead? I totally thought he was dead! Anyhow… While he was passed out, Carl decides to get rid of the walkers banging on their door. Which of course results in him ALMOST being bit, but he shoots them all and is able to get out of there unscathed physically, mentally, not so much.  You can see in his face that he is absolutely terrified.  He’s never actually been in that situation before, where he has no one to help him and he’s surrounded.  Still, he managed to get out of it and move on to a house and try to get whatever supplies he could.  The kitchen of this house was pretty stocked, and he was able to get a decent amount of canned goods and stuff to take back to Rick.  While he was searching the rest of the house he opened a door where a walker was trapped inside.  Of course now he’s cornered, again, and manages to get out of there in one piece (except for his shoe.)  He traps the walker in the room and then goes to eat 112 ounces of chocolate pudding on the roof of the house.  In that moment, he looked like the most innocent little kid.

Carl goes back to the house and Rick starts to come to.  I actually thought that he had turned.  The labored breathing, the fact that he was completely unconscious that entire day, he didn’t move an inch.  But, luckily, he wasn’t.  Carl thought the same thing, and in the last moment couldn’t bring himself to shoot him, he actually just put his gun down and was prepared for Rick to eat him.  While Rick was gathering himself, they had a long talk and Rick finally told Carl that he’s a man now, and that he’s proud of him.

Meanwhile, Michonne is basically becoming a zombie herself.  She found two walkers to make as new pets and is walking amongst the herd with a dead look on her face.  Through it all though, she’s having some flashbacks.  We were able to see part of who she was before all of this happened.  We now know that she had a “lover” and a baby. A nice house. That she wasn’t the warrior that we all know in this reality.  She was more subdued, and a little more on the prissy side.  We got to see in her altered vision, her boyfriend and friend slowly turn, her baby who she was once holding, now gone. We got to see her have a little bit of a break down.  We also found out that her boyfriend and friend were her original pets.  So, now she’s on her own, walking through the forest with a herd of zombies when she sees herself, almost literally, in one of them and realizes that she’s basically dead.  In that moment, she slayed every single one of those walkers and was able to come back to herself.  She went back out to the trail and was able to track some foot prints and was able to make her way to Rick and Carl.

I don’t know about you guys, but when she knocked on the door to the house I was so excited! And when Rick looked at Carl, laughing and said, “It’s for you” I got a little giddy.  I’m glad that the three of them are at least back together.  Now if only we can get everyone back together!

I can’t wait to see what’s going on with them.  It looks like next week we’ll get a look at most everyone else, and hopefully some more answers.

Here’s a preview of next weeks episode, ‘Inmates’

Till next time Towelites!  Try not to get bit!