Well guys, we had two episodes where a lot of nothing happened in the way of action. This week’s episode made up for that! There’s a lot of craziness going on right now, in and out of Alexandria, and I have a feeling that it’s not going to let up in the final two episodes either.

The Good:

– Glen, Noah, Tara, Eugene, Aiden and Nicholas are going out to the solar power warehouse to get some new parts because the power in Alexandria is out. Since Eugene knows what they’re looking for, he’s pretty much forced to go with them. He’s totally playing the cowardly lion telling them how terrified he is, how useless he’ll be, etc. But that doesn’t matter to them, he still has to go. Honestly guys, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love Eugene. I think that he is one of the funniest, most entertaining characters on the show. When all hell breaks loose at the warehouse, the group gets overrun with Walkers. Aiden tries to take an armored one out, and in doing so hits a grenade and blows some stuff up. He’s impaled and Tara’s unconscious. While Glen, Noah and Nicholas go to save Aiden, Eugene stays with Tara to protect her. He’s able to sneak her out and get to the crazy raver van. Unfortunately the guys aren’t able to save Aiden.

– Jessie’s owl sculpture is broken, and we find out later that it’s actually Sam who did it. He kind of confessed it to Carol while he was bugging her to make him some more cookies. I don’t know why he decides to try and hang out with her and talk to her about stuff since she threatened him in the last episode, but he does. It seems like Creepy Dr. Pete is hitting Jessie, and possibly Sam, which of course makes Carol think of Ed and all the crap she went through with him, and now she’s telling Rick that he needs to kill Pete. I just want to know, when did that become the ONLY course of resolution? I mean, couldn’t they somehow try to intervene? Maybe talk to them, or someone else about what’s going on? Why is killing him the only option? I guess since they’ve been out in the wild so long they no longer have any sense of reason. Kill or be killed. Whatever, Pete’s weird and creepy, I really don’t care if they kill him.

– Abraham is working with the construction crew to build more walls, and in the process they get bombarded by Walkers. When one of the ladies on the crew falls, everyone else is about to just leave her there, but Abraham runs to save her. Once all is clear, he takes charge and gets everyone back to work. Because of this, Tobias decides to go to Deanna and tell her how Abraham should be the one in charge of the crew, not him. I actually thought it was a good thing he did this. It’s showing me that maybe, just maybe, Alexandria is a decent place to be. If someone that’s been there for so long can man up and admit that he’s not as good as someone else for the job, there has to be some good people there, right?

– Gabriel shows up at Deanna’s door to talk to her about Rick and the group. He’s telling her about how they are all Satan and they’re bad people. Really Gabe? Didn’t these BAD people keep you alive? Haven’t they saved you numerous times? Haven’t they done everything they could to make sure that you and everyone else in the group has survived? Don’t you think you could be a little more grateful? And, of course Maggie overhears everything he’s saying. I seriously wanted to punch him in his face. Stupid Gabriel. I knew they should have left you alone in the woods.

– Aside from all of that, the worst thing that happened in this episode was losing Noah. Now, I know he was fairly new to the group, and to all of us, but he didn’t feel new. He fit right in, and I really liked him a lot. I was hoping we would get to see him on the show for a long time. Though it should have been a clue when he was talking about his future with Reg. When Glen, Noah and stupid Nicholas were stuck in the revolving door surrounded by Walkers, after Eugene was able to get some of them away with the raver van, Nicholas decides that he needs to just get out and run instead of being patient and going with Glen’s plan to break the glass. As soon as Nicholas runs, the doors aren’t secure and Noah’s foot slips out. In that instant he is grabbed by the walkers and pulled through the door. There was nothing Glen could do but sit and watch while the horde literally tore him apart. Like, tore his face clean off. It was possibly the most gruesome death scene we’ve seen. I was shocked and really sad to see him go. RIP Noah, you were one of the good ones and you will be greatly missed.

The Bad:

– Every person in Alexandria is a coward. They choose flight over fight every time there’s any sort of confrontation, with people or walkers. It happened twice on last night’s episode, and when Aiden was about to die he confessed it to Glen, that Walkers didn’t kill their friends, they left them behind because they panicked. Everyone there is soft and weak, which is going to end up getting them all killed, because we know there’s some sort of big bad coming, and if they can’t fight for themselves then they’re all goners.

Next week:

It looks like Rick and the group are getting ready to rebel against the people of Alexandria. He says something about how they don’t follow them. So there’s obviously some sort of conflict that happens. They showed four graves dug, so obviously there’s some sort of funeral, but aside from Noah and Aiden, who’s dead? Hopefully not Tara, I really like her, I’m crossing my fingers that she can make it out of this. And, last, but certainly not least, it looks like Carl’s gonna kiss a girl!