Hey guys! This week’s episode was great, as always. Honestly, this show is just so damn good! There’s a lot of conflict going on in Alexandria right now. Lots of people losing their minds. I think our group is starting to come a little unhinged because they haven’t had to fight or kill anything in a while, and I guess since that’s been their life for the past two years, and that’s how they know to survive, it’s starting to get to them a bit. So, let’s talk about this episode, shall we?

The Good:

– The show opened with a Nine Inch Nails song! Deanna put in Aiden’s “Run Mix” while her, Reg and their other son were sitting and grieving, and I’m thinking, “how weird, that you want to grieve and listen to techno” when all of a sudden it’s Nails! I don’t know about you, but I was pretty excited about that.

– The whole “let’s kill Pete” thing is starting to take over Carol and Rick. Apparently Carol talked to Sam some more and he told her some stories about being locked in his closet (I’m assuming Jessie put the lock on the inside for him so that he can be safe when Pete’s out of control) and how he’s found her on the floor and bloody. So Carol’s totally egging Rick on about putting him down. When he confronts Deanna about it she explains that they do not execute people there, the exile them, but they would never kill anyone. Rick believes that exiling him won’t do any good, he needs to kill him so that the problem goes away for good. Now, I get what Rick is saying in a sense, considering the world they live in is not the world we live in, BUT, I have to say that I agree with Deanna on this one. Killing Pete isn’t going to solve anything. Sure, Jessie won’t get beat up anymore, and the kids will be safe, but what does that say to everyone else there? You do something wrong and I shoot you?

– Sasha is breaking. She is out hunting Walkers, which to me is fine if it makes her feel better, but she’s starting to feel lost and out of place. Since she’s lost everyone she loves, and now Noah, who she promised would make it. Michonne and Rosita go out to find her and when they do they both have a little killing spree. It’s like the three of them were the Charlie’s Angels of the Zombie Apocalypse. When it was all done she was actually mad, saying that she didn’t need either one of them, she could have killed all of them on her own, which I don’t doubt for one second. But I think all three of them had some pent up aggression they had to get out of their system. And seeing Michonne without her sword was just, weird. There was a moment when I noticed she actually reached back to grab it and it wasn’t there.

– It looks like Carl’s got himself a little girlfriend! They were all cute together, hiding in the tree almost K-I-S-S-I-N-G. She seems like someone that would be good for him. She understands what life outside the walls is like, she obviously knows how to survive. I wonder what’s going to happen with them. I’m sure nothing good, nothing good ever really happens does it?

– Daryl and Aaron are out trying to find people to recruit back to Alexandria. They see a fire burning in the woods and decide to try to track whoever it is down. What they find are body parts and a lady tied to a tree, eaten by Walkers. Now, I don’t know if the parts and the lady were dead before whoever it is did this, or if he did it while they were alive, but either way, Daryl and Aaron should turn around and high tail it back to where they came from. That is not someone you want to talk to. Though, we know they won’t. Especially since this is obviously the person putting the “W’s” on their foreheads.

– Back in Alexandria, Rick talks to Jessie about the whole Pete situation, and she actually agrees with him. He tells her how he feels about her, and just when things look like they’re gonna get a little steamy between them, Pete walks in. Jessie tells him to leave, Rick tells him to leave, but of course he doesn’t. He pounces on Rick and that starts the big fight. They’re punching and throwing each other around, flying out of windows, fighting in the street. People are trying to break it up and finally Deanna is able to. Then Rick starts one of his Rick speeches and just as he’s getting to his point Michonne knocks him out. Obviously she had to do something. I’m not sure anyone, aside from Rick and Carol, are ready to be banished from Alexandria. Of course they all have some adjusting to do, but I don’t think they want to go. My question is this though. Is Rick going crazy, or is he the only one who is seeing things clearly?

The Bad:

– Nicholas. I sincerely hate him. He is a big fat no good liar and he’s gotta go. I wish they would have left him to be eaten at the solar warehouse.

– There’s only one episode left. I can’t wait to see how it ends, but I don’t want it to end. Fair warning, I read where Norman Reedus has advised everyone to watch with a box of kleenex. I’m not looking forward to losing more main characters and I have a feeling that’s what we’re in for.

– Where the heck is Morgan? They show him in the beginning of the season and we haven’t seen or heard from him since. Do you think he’s the “W” guy?

Next week:

It’s the 90 minute finale, it looks like it’s gonna be nuts, though like always they don’t show us much in the sneak peaks. Though, on Talking Dead they showed where Carol threatens Pete, and that was just great!

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