The Walking Dead comic may be over but that world is more alive than ever; ironically the inhabitants are not. In the latest game inspired by the Robert Kirkman comic, Saints & Sinners, you’ll be journeying the world of The Walkers as you encounter violence, disease, famine, and the occasional faction of desperate survivors. You’ll be inside a VR machine that puts you right in the action. Will you be a saint or a sinner?

Are you a saint or a sinner? You’re not alone in this new, broken world. On your journey, you’ll encounter desperate survivors and factions trying to make it day by day while being ravaged by violence, disease, famine, and the Walkers. Whether you work together and fend for yourself, your choices will have meaning and consequences for both you and the world around you.


Walkers define The Walking Dead world, and Saints & Sinners’ VR puts you right alongside them. If you’re not ready, just one of the undead can end you with one good bite. Train yourself to face the herds; walk among the dead or end them all.


The living are more dangerous than the dead, but you’ve got several ways to deal with them. Help those in need or take what you need by force. Fight alongside gangs to get some pay and get on their good side, or risk it all to fight against them. You decide who lives, who dies, and who turns.


You decide the kind of person you want to be. As you make your way through New Orleans, who you decide to help and hurt, and just how you decide to do it matters. In the end, it’ll be your actions that decide if you’re a Saint or Sinner.