Our own resident horror writer, Chris Seaver, is campaigning to crowdfund his latest film The Weirdsies. The film will be a semi-autobiographical tale of Seaver’s own life growing up in a small town. The tale will be about four young gals who embark on a journey of discovery and exploration through their last summer together before they head off to college. Expect the same hilarious sense of humor and ridiculous that runs rampant throughout Seaver’s other films. He’s drawing cues from Stand By Me and the other great “Band of Brothers” stories that were throughout the 80’s.

Below, is a video that Seaver has made to address the fans and raise donations for the project.

If you’re not familiar with Seaver’s work, I implore you to check out Warlock Home Video and Low Budget Pictures. With over 50 titles under his belt, ‘The Seavage’ has been a pioneer in the Horror/Comedy realm for over 20 years. He’s recently released Phantom Of The Grindhouse, Sexsquatch: The Legend Of Blood Stool Creek, and the P.I.A.; which can be purchased on Amazon and through SRS Cinema.

Make sure you head over to The Weirdsies IndieGoGo Campaign and support Independent Cinema! Also, check out their Facebook page. If you want to apply for one of the other open spots, you can by emailing head shots and why you’d be a good fit to the film, to The Seavage HERE.