The Wolverine has a bit of news today. James Mangold and Hugh Jackman reveal the first teaser poster from the film, and we also have some highlights from the live chat on Twitter. As you know, The Wolverine is a sequel/prequel and takes place entirely in Japan. The movie is no longer as interested in Wolverine’s past like the previous film, but has more to do with Wolverine’s future, and his ‘immortality.’ Check out more highlights and a video of the live chat down below.

Mangold said The Outlaw Josey Wales was a big influence on this film because it was a neat and concise way of immediately setting a character up on a journey of loss, rage and revenge.

We all know Wolverine can’t be hurt but, in this film, we’ll learn what his “kryptonite” is.

The action is more grounded and real. Mangold said Wolverine won’t be taking down any planes in this movie, a jab at X-Men Origins Wolverine.

Going off that grounded action, we’ll get more of the trademark berzerker rage in the character.

On the past X-Men films, Jackman never felt he had enough time to get in proper physical shape but this time he did. He wanted to look almost frightening with muscles and veins, a physical representation of the animal rage. He even called Dwayne Johnson for tips on eating rightto get that kind of body.

Mangold describes the film as a labyrinth, meaning there’s a huge array of people who you can’t peg as bad, good, or question marks. He confirmedthere will be other mutants involved, but said where most superhero movies have a clear-cut villain, this one is set up more as a mystery.

Where the first few Wolverine movies were all about his origin and how he became this person, this movie surmises that we’re tired of that. It dealswith Wolverine’s future and the fact that he’s (their words) immortal. What is it like to live forever? What’s the weight of that? Both Mangold and Jackman agreed the audience had enough of the character looking back and it was time to look forward at how he’s going to live.

Jackman said the title, The Wolverine, gives a big clue to the nature of the film. We’ll see every aspect of the character and that the movie is definitely the most action packed Wolverine adventure yet.

The Wolverine comes out July 26th, 2013.

Thanks to SlashFilm for the scoop!