megan fox in a bra

I haven’t come across a Judd Apatow project that I haven’t enjoyed. Every film that he’s directed has shown him grow as a writer and director, and only get more enriching. His last film, Funny People, was not as critically acclaimed as some of his previous work; but after repeat viewings, I love the movie.

This Christmas, Apatow brings Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann back together for a semi-sequel to Knocked UP, in This is 40. The film shows a look into the life of a married couple as they turn 40 and what experiences they have getting older. Check out the red-band trailer below to see more boobs and butts than one knows what to do with!

This is 40 premieres on Christmas Day. The film stars: Albert BrooksJohn LithgowMegan FoxChris O’DowdMelissa McCarthy, and Lena Dunham.