Thor 2: The Dark World starts principal photography for Marvel Studios later on this month. We here at DFAT couldn’t be more excited!  We ran the news of old ‘Who’, Christopher Eccleston, joining the cast in our post two weeks ago. Now, we have a little bit more casting news by way of a Las Vegas area Star Trek Convention. South African “Borg Queen”, Alice Krige announced she has landed a small role in the movie.

Besides the role being fairly small, the actress also added that she may not be recognizable in the film.  This would hint that she would be covered in makeup. It would also allude to her being a creature, or MAYBE  she could be playing Alflyse, the Queen of the Dark Elves and the Svartalfheim realm. This would make COMPLETE sense with Eccleston confirmed as Malekith the Accursed, ruler of the Svartalfheim, and husband to Alflyse.


Whatever the role may be, I’m sure she’ll be creepy as all Asgard, figuring her role as a Borg always gave me the wiggins. Stay tuned for more Thor 2: The Dark World news here at DFAT!

Thanks to Comicbookmovie for the heads up!