With the “fury” of casting news we’ve been throwing at you, it’s about time we shed a little light on where our favorite characters will be residing. Thor was filled with breathtaking (CGI’d) views of Asgard, actually one of my favorite parts of the film! Today, thanks to Collider, we have a brief look-see into an “unknown” realm being constructed in Bourne Wood, England. I’m going to throw this one out there and say this set is going to end up being Svartalfheim, home to Malekith the Accursed, played by Christopher Eccleston, and his people the Dark Elves. LOOK!!!



The English countryside, at the end of summer, looks like a great place to frolic through the flowers and kill some Asgardians! Principle photography is underway this month. Thor 2 will have at thee, November 6th, 2013!