It’s been so hot and moist outside, we decided it was long overdue for us to get together and put out a cool podcast for everyone. Dave and Casey pair up with their long time listener, first time podcaster friend Brian and geek the funk out about a lot of the news that’s come out lately. Take a listen guys and don’t forget that it’s Morphin’ Time!

Show Notes:

  • Finding dory passes civil war as #1 of 2016
  • How horrible this summer has been at the box office
  • Fathom adding 300 more screens for Batman:Killing Joke due to unprecedented demand – could this lead to more animated releases in theaters?
  • Ghostbusters reactions split down the middle
  • Gambit movie pushed back to start filming Spring 2017
  • BVS Ultimate Edition review
  • Justice league set visit
  • Suicide squad
    • A character with the initials of GQ
    • Villain: Enchantress and Eyes of the Adversary
  • James gunn says skrulls co-owned by marvel and fox
  • John Barrowman now series regular on all DC CW shows
  • Why does Pokemon GO exist

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