Casey and Dave get Hoodies Up on this brand new episode of Those Geeks You Know. Lots of or Marvel, DC, and New York Comic Con news abound! Get ready for a sweaty episode and don’t forget to geek out!

Show Notes:

Everything Else

  • Dead Man Tell No Tales preview –
  • Harry Potter films coming back to theatres October 13
  • Sony wants daniel craig back for bond
  • Purge tv show in the works
  • Rogue one trailer coming to Russia first and then Dr. Strange a week later

Random Comics

  • NYCC this weekend
    • Expectations?
    • Wolverine 3 preview, Power Rangers, Legion, War of the Planet of the Apes, RE5 and Underworld: Blood Wars
  • Jason david frank as bloodshot
    • Bat in the Sun teamup
    • Michael Rowe as Ninjak
  • Mark millar wants john cena for Superior


  • Title of Batman’s solo film called The Batman
  • Suicide Squad Extended Cut releases on Digital Nov. 15
    • Bluray on Dec. 13
  • DC to revive Wildstorm, curated by Warren Ellis 
  • Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern Crossover announced
  • Krypton series announces Cameron Cuffe as male lead


  • Same marvel Bullshit – Marvel NOW! (again) Divided We Stand – Civil WAr II isn’t over but they are already launching new titles, starting today with LC and JJ. Civil War 2 pushed back to end around December
  • Wolverine 3 titled – Logan
    • Read full plot
    • Poster reveals a look at X23?
    • Also seen with scar and bleeding where the claws come out
  • Punisher netflix series started filming
  • Iron Fist date set for March
    • Does this mean we have three series? IF, Defenders, Punisher?
  • Luke Cage thoughts
    • Misty knight confirmed for defenders

Image Expo Keynote:


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