This week we got hit with a TON of news from the DC/CW world and beyond so we wanted to chat about it. Our buddy Jake joined Dave and Casey in a Squad-tastic geek fest. Take a listen and enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • Suicide Squad thoughts
    • 135 million opening weekend
    • Biggest august opening ever
    • Crosses 300 million worldwide
  • Luke Cage Trailer
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter trailer
  • Bad Boys 3 called Bad Boys For Life – January 12th 2018
  • Man of Steel 2 is ON
  • Black Manta announced as bad guy for Aquaman movie
    • Michael Jai White would like to play him
  • Supergirl
    • Lena Luthor joins supergirl
    • Saron Leal cast as Miss Martian. Actually a white martian turned good
  • Flash and Supergirl crossover planned to be a Musical
  • Four part cross over will be a prologue and then 3 part story
  • Kevin Smith will direct an episode of supergirl as well as another flay one
  • Sarah Grey ( not Sasha) casted as Stargirl in Legends of Tomorrow season 2 (i know nothing of this character just wondering if we should discuss )
  • Legends only having 13 episodes
  • Dolph LUndgren joining Arow
  • New Chronicles of Narnia movie “Silver Chair” announced
  • Rogue One trailer 2
  • Donald Glover to play Young Lando Calrissian in Han Solo film?

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