XBOX One vs. PS4: Thoughts from E3

As I watched and read about the new consoles, as with every other gamer world-wide, I became more than stoked for these next-generation consoles. We knew standard information about each one from the individual press conferences from Sony and Microsoft; however, after the full reveal (well…for the most part) at E3 where do the XBOX One and PS4 stand?



I will say this, I am neither a Sony or Microsoft fanboy. I have gripes and praises for each company and love my 360 and PS one, 2, and 3. With that being said, here is how I rank the consoles in one word each: PS4: excellent! XBOX One: disappointing…

k-bigpicSo why am I so disappointed in Microsoft? As I said in an earlier article, it is as if Microsoft is forgetting about their gaming community. They are pushing so hard to be original (which is great) but leaving behind what makes them important. I have always hated paying for XBOX live, I think it is a complete joke when PSN is free, but I can let that slide. However, signing in online once every 24 hours, the restrictions on used games, and more had me shaking my head in disapproval and thinking “What the #deuce Microsoft?”

I personally feel as if Microsoft backhanded me with this launch! Thanks for having fifteen exclusive titles coming out while screwing us over! Sony impressed me though! My last report tallied nine exclusive titles but the lack of restrictions of used and borrowed games, being able to play offline, using PSN for only $50 bucks, and (for the record) an awesome looking design have caused me to once again throw the trophy to Sony. Time will tell how these with play out but for now, my PS4 is pre-ordered and I have no plans on investing in an XBOX One for a long time.

-Dan Lee

PS4 with controller-580-90