Now that Warner Bros has gone and dropped a mega-ton bomb on us by announcing MOST of their DC Comics Cinematic Universe projects through 2020, I thought it would be appropriate to look at each project with a little more detail, do some speculation, and geek out a bit. Now remember I said most when it comes to this exciting slate of films, because there is room in there for a Batman standalone and maybe a Man of Steel 2. But DC has stated that they will be only releasing two films a year, so it may not happen until after 2020! Which is the exact opposite of their animated film strategy, where they stamp the name Batman, Superman, or Justice League on all of their titles so they sell. Seems that the company has some faith in their other, lesser known characters all of a sudden.

Some hardcore DC fans are going to complain about using the New 52 to establish what is happening in these movies, but I think it’s smart. There’s a reason why the New 52 exists, and you can’t argue with book sales either. The change-up has brought DC more NEW readers and made their VERY complicated universe a little more understandable. You also have to look at the fact that Marvel is doing the same thing with their movies (i.e. Scott Lang Ant-Man) so people need to stop bitching and just enjoy the fact that their favorite heroes are finally getting their own films!

My feeling on this is that DC wants its movies to get going as Marvel is starting to plateau (as if that is ever going to happen). They already have a lot of catching up to do, but these announcements are a good start. Will DC stick to this slate? Will one bad movie fizzle out the rest? Only time will tell. For now here’s a quick rundown of what I think about each film!

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Does anyone else wonder why it took 3 years to get another movie into theaters? Oh wait its DC. Anyways, this highly anticipated followup to Man of Steel puts two of the most iconic superheroes ever against each other in a Frank Miller-esque showdown. Zack Snyder is back to bring these titans together for the first time on the big screen, and a lot is riding on it. We will also most likely see all of the other heroes make a short cameo as DC looks to establish the rest of its cinematic universe; especially now that they have announced this slate of films. I just hope that they don’t go as far as casting a female Robin, as I would like to see one of my favorite characters properly represented on the big scene for the first time since Chris O’Donnell (if you can call that proper).

Suicide SquadSuicide Squad (2016)

Names like Will Smith and Tom Hardy are being thrown around as DC looks to cast this “villains” movie. With director David Ayer (End of Watch, Fury) attached, let’s hope that DC goes for the grit on this one. It is the movie that I am most excited to see hit the screen, yet at the same time I am very surprised that this one is so fast out the gate. Deadshot is a given, but what other villains will we see get the spotlight in this one? Anyone else looking forward to the big screen version of Amanda Waller? Sorry, let me put that another way; an Amanda Waller that is done right (looking at you Green Lantern). Even before DC establishes its main characters on the big screen, it throws a relatively unknown franchise at the general public. Yes, the name has been established on TV and also in the latest animated movie, but at the same time I’m not really sure how audiences will react to this as a film. It only strengthens my belief that WB and DC have bad marketing policies. But hey everyone loves a bad guy! Fingers crossed on this movie!

Wonder WomanWonder Woman (2017)

Gal Gadot is attached to this (probably) origin story of Wonder Woman. Word has it that we will see the New 52 version where she is a Demi-God. In my opinion, this is an approach that works better than the whole clay thing and makes her more like Thor or Hercules. I’m not going to gripe over this decision like many nerds will, all I care about is that this heroine is finally getting her chance to shine in theaters. The animated feature from 2009 is one of my favorites in DC’s stable of these amazing films. If they can try to emulate that movie and stick to their guns on this Amazonian Princess, maybe even take a cue or two from the Brian Azzarello run of the comics; things SHOULD be alright.


Justice LeagueJustice League Part One (2017)

I think that it’s interesting that Justice League is split up into two films, with this first film being dead center in the rest of the lineup and the second to follow after most of the characters get their standalones. It makes me wonder where they will go with this film. Will all of the others be origin films that all feed into this one? Are they all going to tell one big story? Probably not. But just like Avengers 3, Justice League may be TOO big of a film to tell in one sitting, and this move makes the most sense to me. Look for this initial film to set up the team and work out their kinks before facing the “big threat” as one. Villains like Brainiac and Darkseid are being mentioned as being the big bad, whichever way they go, only one thing matters. DC better not mess this one up! It’s their bread and butter! Attaching Zack Snyder to direct is a great first step.


The FlashThe Flash (2018)

So now comes a little speculation, mostly because I still want the TV and movie worlds to be connected. The casting of Ezra Miller (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) is a very interesting choice, and with his age being so close to Grant Gustin, it mostly shoots down any theories that the worlds will cross. UNLESS somehow he is Wally West and the Crisis event mentioned in the TV show affects EVERYTHING. I won’t spend too much time on this, but what if this were the fact. DC may be looking to cast their super team to a similar structure of the classic cartoon, which would also mean a change-up for Green Lantern (I’ll get to that in a bit). After watching what DC and WB can do on the small screen with the character, I can’t wait to see what they can do with a BIGGER budget! For those of you out there who want to say that Miller looks nothing like a Flash, does Stephen Amell look like Oliver Queen? No, it’s about presenting yourself and acting my friends!


AquamanAquaman (2018)

Hands down my favorite announcement and the movie I am looking forward to the most. This movie is a risk, especially seeing how poor Aquaman is lambasted by most people. But what people don’t realize, because they spend their time poking fun at him, is that this guy is pretty badass. I am hoping that the 2015 animated feature will change a lot of that, but probably not for most of the general public. With Jason Mamoa attached to star as Arthur Curry, this may also change people perspectives. How are you going to laugh at Khal Drogo?! This is a character who could easily carry his own franchise to several sequels if done correctly, so I am really excited to see who gets the director gig on this film.  Check out Geoff Johns New 52 run if you still don’t believe that Aquaman is awesome.


ShazamShazam! (2019)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the only thing we know about this film. After MONTHS of speculation and Johnson teasing us to no end, he was finally cast in the role of “villain” Black Adam. From what has been said so far, Black Adam will be more of an “anti-hero” and Johnson has stated that the character is misunderstood. That’s fine and all, as long as he puts the SMACK DOWN on Shazam! a couple of times throughout the movie. DC has also firmly stated that this will be the more humorous of their films as they have a strict “no humor” policy in place. Which of course sounds pretty lame to me.


Justice League 01Justice League Part Two (2019)

A film TOO BIG to be constrained into one 2 hour sitting, Justice League will conclude in 2019. My guess is that this film will be the big battle against the main villain(s). Again NOTHING is known about this movie except a few of the actors involved and all of these announced characters (minus the Suicide Squad most likely). Look for DC to make some major villain announcements soon. I hope that they go for one big bad versus something like a half-assed Legion of Doom. If this one is done right it could be pretty epic!!!


CyborgCyborg (2020)

Ray Fisher (The Good, The Bad and the Confused) is getting his own franchise and I’m happy. Cyborg is a very popular character for ALL ages. His inception into the Justice League has taken this Teen Titan to full-fledged superhero. Some people think that Martian Manhunter should have been on the team but I don’t agree. We already have one super-strength alien and Cyborg’s powers and skill-set are very unique and tangible to the big screen. Like I said, the character appeals to all ages so this is a good move by DC.


John Stewart new 52Green Lantern (2020)

So who will put on the ring in this one? I have a feeling that it won’t be Hal Jordan. With Ryan Reynolds making the jump back to Marvel to be in Deadpool (where he belongs), and MOST people trying very hard to forget the 2011 version,  it looks like there’s going to be a recasting. Though, I still think that Mark Strong‘s Sinestro was awesome. But forget Jordan, there are others that could fill this role! My first choice, and the most likely candidate, is John Stewart. Most DC fans would gladly accept this military man in the role, especially since he was the ring-bearer in the animated series. If DC does decide to go the Wally West route with The Flash, then look to see Stewart as GL. Though I love them both, I really don’t see Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner being named, sorry guys.


So there you have it! Some facts, some speculation, A LOT OF HOPE. Look for DC to make some more announcements on these exciting projects soon! Keep it tooned to DFAT for all of your DC Cinematic Universe updates as they hit!