In the 1970’s DC Comics ran  a small, ongoing anthology series by the name Time Warp. Fast-Forward to today, Vertigo Comics, DC’s horror and what I like to call “oddity fiction” shoot-off company, will be re-releasing the title with some of today’s top talent contributing, here’s what we should expect:

Featuring stories by both the hot writers of today and the trailblazing writers of tomorrow, “Time Warp” will showcase the talents of Damon Lindelof, Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, Toby Litt, Mark Buckingham, Dan Abnett, Peter Milligan, Ray Fawkes, Simon Spurrier, Gail Simone, Rafael Albuquerque, Tom Fowler, and others.

I am a big fan of this comic genre and I am really looking forward to this series.

Stay tooned 😛


Via: MTV Geek