The heroes in a half shell are back in this season premier ready to battle any mutants or personal obstacles that stand in their way.  Still living at April’s barn, the Turtles, Casey, and April try to strengthen themselves both physically and mentally to make sure their ready for anything.

TMNT eyes of the Chimera 01In the last episode, we see Casey and the turtles go two up against the Speed Mutant Demon and won, but the mutagen from the demon car splashed onto a flying bird carrying a fish.  The bird lands near the crashed car and starts to mutate into a huge flying mutant.

In the meantime, April is a lab rat to Donnie’s experiment that looks like a crude version of a psychic neurotransmitter with Krang technology.  Donnie hopes to find a way to increase April’s psychic powers.  At first, it doesn’t work, but then with a little tweaking and increasing the power, April becomes telekinetic and starts to makes things fly around the barn.  Unfortunately, April becomes blind in the process.  April tells Donnie that she sees clouds in her sight, and feels like she is soaring.  Just then a loud shrieking is heard outside.  Leo, Raph, and Casey are being attacked by a huge winged creature that is cross between a fish, bird, and a worm.  Mikey thinks it is a TurDuckin, because of its combined appearance, but Donnie thinks it may be some sort of Chimera.  They try to fight off the creature, but Mikey, Donnie, Casey, and Raph are taken by the mutant Chimera and flies away, leaving Leo and April alone at the farmhouse.

April feels a connection with the creature because of Donnie’s experiment that increased her psychic connection to it.  Leo and April use that link to follow the Chimera.  Meanwhile, Mikey, Raph, and Casey are taken to a mountain where the Chimera’s nest is at and gets dropped down onto a pile of eaten bones.  They escape the nest and lower themselves down the mountain where they end up in a hole near a very hot geyser that is quickly eroding the mountain from the heated water.

With April blind and Leo injured again from training recently, they slowly trek their way to the others.  Leo is frustrated that he is not healing fast enough to become a strong leader that he needs to be.  TMNT eyes of the Chimera 02April tries to encourage him that he is, and gives him a pep talk to encourage him.  But April’s connection to the Chimera’s hunger is increasing that she tries to eat Leo, but Leo helps her snap out of it.  They finally get to the mountain and to the nest but no turtles nor Casey.  They see them down at the bottom near the geyser, but April senses that the Chimera is nearby.  The creature grabs Leo and April and flies away.  Leo uses his sword to strike the creature and he climbs on top of it, while April uses her fan weapon to get her on top as well.  They are able to control the creature and fly it back to the nest.  Using the creature’s body to create a make shift ladder for the other turtles, they climb out of the geyser hole and run away.  But the pressure from the geyser starts to build up and creates an earthquake that creates an avalanche on the mountain.  Rocks start to fall and bury the creature underneath it.  The turtles, April, and Casey escape the mountain and head toward the farmhouse.  But the Chimera suddenly breaks out of his makeshift grave and flies away.

This is a good episode, I like the fact that they are still trying to regain their strength and overcome personal issues.  It is nice to see Leo and April work together as a team.  They both are strong leaders in their own way, and having them depend on each other to help out their brothers and friends is a refreshing change.  This episode focuses more on those two trying to overcome certain personal demons and becoming a much stronger person both inside and outside.