To be clear the Noxious Avenger is not part of the Avengers from the films, but a mutated trash man that got his life turned upside down by the mutagen poured onto him.  Bebop and Rocksteady go on an errand from Shredder to retrieve the ingredients needed to complete his serum for the mind control solution that he wants to use on Karai.  The Turtles successfully stops them, but in the midst of their fight a local garbage man, Garson Grunge, is collateral damage.  At first his reaction is terror and fear as he sees his image, but then when a bystander is being mugged by the Purple Dragons he steps in and saves the victim.  Immediately people start to see him as a hero of the streets.  The press catches wind of this street vigilante and dubs him “Muckman”. Mikey who happens to watch the news doesn’t like his new name. He would have called him The Noxious Avenger.TMNT Noxious Avenger 01

Tired of Shredder ordering them around, Bebop and Rocksteady plan to use the new hero to their advantage and have him steal the ingredients for Shredder and make him do all the work.  The Turtles want to find Muckman as well as Bebop and Rocksteady and stop them from completing their mission, but as they search for them, the media happens to catch them on video and their identity is in danger of being exposed.  Splinter forbids them from resurfacing to the outside, but that doesn’t stop them.

Bebop and Rocksteady find Muckman and convince him to steal the ingredients saying that it is a serum that can change him back to normal.  The Turtles are there to stop him, but they are not having much luck with Muckman’s new powers, (i.e. The Trash-nado that Mikey calls it).  Unfortunately, Muckman is getting the feeling that Bebop and Rocksteady are not his friends and intentionally places him in danger.  Thankfully the Turtles are there to help Muckman stop the dangerous duo and thwart their plan to retrieve the serum for Shredder.  In return for their help, Muckman goes on the news and disavows that the Turtles are real and the media buys it.

Muckman TMNTIt seems like every now and then we get introduced to new friends and enemies this season.  I like the fact that we are seeing characters from the old television show that are getting modern makeovers.  Muckman maybe one of the grossest looking mutant hero, but he has a heart of gold. However his faith in people can put him in trouble if he is not careful.  Hopefully the Turtles can help him with that.

Next week, it looks like Shredder’s mind control serum has taken its first victim and it’s not Karai.


TMNT S3E15 ‘The Noxious Avenger’ recap