This week Leatherhead and his Mutanimals are back to stop Shredder from getting the final ingredients to make his mind controlling formula.  They try to stop Tigerclaw from making a business transaction at the pier for the ingredients, but fail to stop him.  Even worse Slash and Rockwell are taken by him to Shredder.  Leatherhead and Pigeon Pete are able to reach the Turtles to let them know that Shredder has Slash and Rockwell and they need their help to save them.

TMNT Clash Mutanimals 02Raph is happy to go after Shredder because he believes that they need to go on the offensive to take Shredder down.  Leo and the Turtles, plus Leatherhead and Pigeon Pete decide to go to Shredder’s lair.

Back at Shredder compound, Slash and Rockwell are subject to getting a mind controlling slug in Baxter Stockman’s lab.  This reminds me of the scene taken from Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, where Chekhov is forced to be a host to a mind controlling creature.  It always gives me the creeps.

The Turtles and Leatherhead and Pigeon Pete find Slash and Rockwell on the streets looking very weak and confused.  They take them back to their lair.  Suddenly Slash inexplicably attacks Splinter and Rockwell goes after the Turtles as well.  A fight breaks out in the lair and Slash and Rockwell are able to subdue Raph and take him away.  The Turtles and Leatherhead and Pigeon Pete go after them.  Slash and Rockwell escape with the Turtle mobile while the Turtles and the Leatherhead and Pigoen Pete take the Shell Razor.  Slash and Rockwell are able to give them the slip, knowing that Raph is in danger at the hands of Shredder.

TMNT Clash Mutanimals 01When they reach Shredder’s lair, they meet up with Tigerclaw, Stockman, Slash and Rockwell with Raph by their side.  Shredder orders them to attack the Turtles and Leatherhead and Pigeon Pete.  It is an all out ninja slugfest with everybody.  The match up is almost evenly matched.  Leo fights Raph, Leatherhead fights Slash, Tigerclaw fights Mikey and Donnie fights Rockwell. Leo is able to figure out a way to break the mind control within Raph, and Donnie catches on to what Leo did.  Apparently getting Rockwell and Slash extremely enraged and emotional releases the mind controlling slugs within them.  Now the Turtles and the Mutanimals are free and they concentrate all their power and fight against Shredder.  They almost succeed on defeating Shredder but Tigerclaw and the Foot Clan enters.  Leo makes a decision to fight another day and they make their exit.

I love the fact that the Turtles have the Mutanimals for support in the fight against Shredder but his mind controlling formula is still a major threat and needs to be destroyed.  Also they are unaware that Shredder has Karai and he plans to use the formula on her.  I hope they find and save her in time.  Next week a new mutant is shredding pavement in New York City. It appears that Mikey has some competition.


TMNT S3E16 ‘Clash of the Mutanimals’ recap