The turtles take their ninja training to the ultimate achievement of becoming ninja masters.  But to do that they must face their inner spiritual demons that are holding them back.  With new armor and new weapons they make for themselves, they trek into the forest to meet their challenges.  Splinter appears to them in an astral projection form, guiding them to their own personal, spiritual tests.

Mikey must face his fear of being labeled a scatter brain.  TMNT Vision Quest 02His personality and playful attitude can cause him to be unfocused and undisciplined.  Splinter tells him to be one with nature and be calm and strong like the forest.  Mikey uses Splinter’s advice to fight his inner spiritual adversary, which happens to be Rah-Zar.  Finding his focus and inner calm, Mikey is able to realize that he is not just a novelty act, but a very quick and powerful fighter.

Raph faces his temper and learns how to focus his anger and channel it.  In the spiritual plane he faces his inner spiritual adversary which happens to be Fish-face.  With his new armor and weapon, which is a two handed flamethrower, he finally focuses his power toward Fish-face and defeat him.  Rah begins to see that anger and power can be controlled and used in a way that can defeat any enemy.

Donnie faces his spiritual adversary on a mountain cliff where Splinter tells him to be strong and powerful like a mountain and not always rely on his mind all the time.  Tiger-claw appears and begins to attack him.  Using Splinter’s advice, Donnie finally defeats a more powerful and stronger opponent and didn’t use any of his techno inventions; inner strength is much more powerful than any weapon.

Leo reaches his spiritual plane to begin to train himself to strengthen his mind and body.  TMNT Vision Quest 01With Splinter telling him that being a leader, he must control his body and mind, and let nothing weigh him down.  Splinter also tells him to be like the wind.  His greatest adversary and inner spiritual demon happens to be Shredder.  It kind of makes sense.  Shredder is everything Leo stands to fight against, and if he can’t overcome his inner demon, then how can he fight the real Shredder and defeat him.  Using Splinter’s sage advice, Leo begins to realize that all his pain and injuries are just superficial and to mentally strengthen his mind, he must stop feeling like an injured animal and heal himself from the inside.  By doing that, Leo finally defeats his inner demon, Splinter.

April and Casey notice that the turtles have finally emerged from the forest with a new look and an intense determination in defeating Shredder and his Foot Clan.  Leo makes the decision that it is time to go home to the city.

This episode finally feels like the turtles are ready for anything.  Their attitude, their confidence, and also their new look tells us that this is not the heroes in a half-shell we saw in the beginning of the season.  I like it, and I can’t wait for them to go to the city sewers and take back their home.