I’ve always been a fan of the Mission Impossible movies. The only weak entry is part 2 and it’s so god-awful bad, I just block it from my memory. The last two installments though, have been the best. Both J. J. Abrams and Brad Bird brought fresh visions to the series, and to Tom Cruise‘s role as Agent Ethan Hunt.

It seems that Cruise wants the fun to continue, as we get news that he’s signed on to produce and star in the next installment of the franchise. Mission Impossible 5 may also get Jack Reacher director, Christopher McQuarrie, behind the camera.

I’m excited to see another Mission Impossible film, but I’m worried that no one is going to be able to top what Bird did with Ghost Protocol. The film was so HUGE and action-packed that McQuarrie has some really be shoes to fill. There’s no date when MI:5 will be hitting theaters, with Cruise’s packed schedule of another Jack Reacher, All You Need is Kill, and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. on his plate; but we’ll keep you posted as more MI:5 news comes here to DFAT!


Tom Cruise